The Drawbacks of Dry January vs. the Well-Rounded Nature of Recovery

Ditch Dry January and Embrace Recovery

While Dry January can be a way to cut back after holiday indulgence, embrace a healthier lifestyle in the new year, and explore long-term sobriety — the practice is limited in scope. Focusing on abstinence alone generally results in a lackluster, and even ascetic experience. 

Recovery is meant for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol dependence, and it’s more than just being sober. In recovery, you (with support) create a fulfilling life that invites sobriety.

Here’s how recovery is different than the stone-cold sobriety endorsed by Dry January:

Recovery promotes the healing of your entire self. 

Recovery focuses on healing your mind, body, and spirit. Drugs and alcohol are destructive to your health, and when your health is out of balance, you may be more likely to use. Through treatment, connections, and sobriety, recovery fosters holistic wellbeing. 

Recovery is based in support. 

No one in recovery embraces sobriety alone. Instead, when you set out to create a new life in recovery, you’ll have the support of many individuals who have faced similar circumstances and achieved lasting recovery.

Recovery encourages connections. 

The culture of recovery is founded in connections — to yourself, your higher power, your loved ones, and your community. As individuals increase their sense of connection, they also increase their sense of meaning. In doing so, they’re less likely to risk hurting their relationships by using drugs or alcohol.

Recovery adds to your life.

Instead of solely cutting out harmful substances, recovery expands your social circle, opens you up to explore more interests, emboldens you to pursue new goals, and ultimately creates a greater sense of fulfillment in your life. 

Recover Safely Guided by Experts

Before beginning your journey of recovery, speak to your medical provider about avoiding any medical consequences associated with drug or alcohol withdrawal. You can also reach out to us, and we can connect you with the care that’s a right fit. 

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