Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Park City, UT

Inpatient Addiction Treatment for a Better Future

Why Choose the Wasatch Crest?

When you or someone you love is dealing with a drug addiction, life may seem hopeless and dreary, and the future unsure. There are so many variables that come with treating a drug addiction and adequately getting help. When you feel it’s time to put the past behind you and move on with inpatient drug rehab, come to Wasatch Crest for help. With either our 30, 60 or 90 day inpatient treatment programs, we feel we are confident we have the skills and experience to help any patient create a brighter future.

When you choose an inpatient addiction treatment center, you need people that understand what you are going through. Here at Wasatch Crest, many members of our staff have dealt with addictions on their own or had family members that struggle with chemical dependency. We are in the habit of practicing what we preach to show you that you truly can change your life.

With years of experience helping patients recover, we know first-hand that a drug addiction affects everyone in your life. We also recognize that breaking bad habits and identifying triggers is a big part of living a successful life free from drugs. Our inpatient drug rehab programs help the patient and their family members and friends to learn functional behaviors that aid in the prevention of drug abuse.

Along with our inpatient drug rehab programs, we offer:

  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Social detox
  • Recreation therapy
  • Employment assistance
  • Personalized life coaching
  • Sober living

We are with you every step of the way as you attempt to change your life for the better. Once you are done with our inpatient addiction treatment program, we will help you get back on your feet and into a world with a brighter future.

"Wasatch Crest is Amazing! The staff is awesome! The food is outstanding! The environment is great! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my recovery!"

- C.J.

What does inpatient drug rehab involve?

At Wasatch Crest, our inpatient drug rehab programs have various lengths, although we usually recommend a minimum stay of 90 days. Also known as residential rehab, patients live at our beautiful campus in Heber, Utah. We find that patients really respond to our inpatient rehab programs as they help them avoid the temptations and influences that exist in daily life at home. Our inpatient programs offer 24-hour support and intensive care.

Our inpatient drug rehab has three phases of recovery:

  • Detox
  • Reflection
  • Growth

The goal is to help patients learn to adopt drug-free lifestyles once they return home after treatment. These programs involve methods to help our patients transition from the full-time environment of inpatient care to individual or group counseling outside of the facility.

Why choose inpatient rehab?

Living at Wasatch Crest for inpatient care has several benefits for our clients:

  • Our programs work to help prepare clients for life after treatments.
  • We provide care 24 hours a day, so patients never have to feel alone when they’re working to overcome their addiction.
  • This is a residential, non-hospital setting located in the beautiful Heber Valley of Utah.
  • Treatment is highly structured to focus on all aspects of addiction.
  • This facility is completely safe and medical attention is available at all times.
  • By living in our facilities, patients can more easily avoid the influences and temptations that are always available in their home environment.

How is someone admitted into your inpatient rehab program?

Admission to Wasatch Crest inpatient rehab is a three-step process:

Step 1 — Introduction.

This is a brief telephone conversation to get to know you. On this call, we collect some basics about your individual needs and your situation. We also use this call to verify benefits. At the end of the call, we schedule a follow-up call to make a comprehensive assessment.

Step 2 — Assessment

This hour-long second call has the goal of learning your medical history and overall general health. We review your substance use history, co-occurring disorders, psychological factors, and social and occupational function levels. We address your expectations and explain our standards of behavior and expectations for our patients. At the end of this call, we formulate suggestions and recommendations based on your individual needs.

Step 3 — Recommendation

On this call, our clinical intake counselors will introduce recommendations and suggestions to meet the needs of your unique situation. We’ll discuss and assess your insurance coverage and finances. We’ll set an admissions date and answer any questions you have and ask if there are any special needs or accommodations you may require. We end the call with all of your logistical details, packing necessities, and specifics for your trip to Utah and Wasatch Crest.

"Wasatch Crest Recovery is a beautiful facility that sits on the base of the mountains just outside Park City. The staff there are full hearted and they do everything they can to help the clients obtain long term sobriety. I would highly recommend this treatment center to any of my friends and family."

- S.F.

How long will I stay in rehab?

At Wasatch Crest, the length of a client’s treatment depends on several factors, including the severity of the addiction, the existence of any co-occurring mental health conditions, and whether the person has been through rehab before. We take into consideration that substance addiction damages the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, so each treatment plan is based on the severity of addiction and the time it will take for each condition to heal. For inpatient treatment, we recommend a minimum of 90 days, and extending this can increase the odds of the patient’s long-term sobriety.

What to bring to rehab

In Utah, we have four distinct seasons, so the timing of your program will have some variation in what you need to bring. We incorporate our beautiful surroundings into your care, so you’ll need clothing to match the seasons. Obviously, our facilities have everything you need from a living perspective, but you’ll bring appropriate clothing, footwear, and outerwear.

Not to worry, however, we discuss exactly what you’ll need to bring at length at the last step of your admission process.

Can I continue work & school?

If you have a job, you’ll need to take a leave of absence. If you’re in school, you’ll need to remove yourself for at least one term, whether a quarter or semester.

What happens after leaving rehab?

We don’t view any patient’s story as a success unless he or she is able to fully immerse themselves successfully back into their community. We view our relationship as an ongoing one. It’s critical for you to reestablish the responsibilities of family, work, social and recovery activities once you return home. We know this can be scary.

We teach and guide our clients through the delicate balance of each priority to help keep them from feeling overwhelmed, which can often lead to relapse. Our clinicians work closely as a team to develop a comprehensive plan for each individual, ultimately producing the best individualized relapse prevention possible.

Am I ready for rehab?

If there is ever a time when you ask yourself if you are ready for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, it’s time to visit with a professional at Wasatch Crest. Addiction may come slowly, but it can quickly take over your life and everything good in it. We are here to ensure that your negative behaviors and habits are stopped in a safe, protected environment. Our inpatient rehab services are beneficial for those who deal with addictions to:

Our inpatient programs are designed to give the patient 24 hour access to intense, life-changing therapy and treatment to really beat a drug addiction. Our desire is to help you and those you love to live a better life.

We provide access to professionals and environments that are safe as you rid your body of the chemicals it relies on. Detox can be a long, painful, scary process if not handled correctly, and we are trained in how to best help your body handle the changes. Our goal is to keep you safe as you learn to stop negative behaviors and create positive habits to replace them. Ultimately, we want you to live a drug-free life full of positive relationships with those you love.

"Great place for any individual looking for a happy and prosperous life. The staff and therapist are very understanding and are always their for you. This recovery place changed my life into something I only wished during my alcoholism. Thank you Wasatch!!"

- B.S..

Let Us Help You

If you or someone you love is ready to change their life for the better and aren’t sure where to start, come to us at Wasatch Crest for help. Contact us today by calling 800-385-3507 to learn more about our dual diagnosis belief and what we have to offer.

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