The addiction therapists and staff of Wasatch Crest are dedicated professionals in the treatment of behavioral health disorders. Our warm, healing environment is built on the expertise and compassion of each staff member. We are extremely proud of our values-guided team, each one committed to the highest standards of integrity.

We would like to introduce you to a few of them.

Rich Square

Rich McDonald, MS, CMHC

Chief Operating Officer / Executive Clinical Director

Rich McDonald is familiar with trailblazing as an ultra-runner, successfully competing in many marathons, ultra marathons, and 100-mile trail races. He’s also the lead visionary who has cleared the way for Wasatch Crest’s winning culture. He is committed to creating an environment where all can successfully cross their own finish lines.

Known for treating his staff with respect, accountability and acceptance, Rich extends these personal values to program participants and all audiences who interact with Wasatch Crest.

Like all great leaders, Rich remains teachable and leads by example adding value to the lives of others.

With more than 20 years’ experience in management and leadership roles, Rich has been active in the recovery community for nine years.

“Recovery is a miracle; why not have a front-row seat to watch it happen.”

Chad Square

Chad Christiansen, MD

Medical Director

Chad is a graduate of the Medical School of Wisconsin and has been a practicing physician for 12 years with a deep connection to addiction work and the WCR team. He completed a residency at the University of Utah and is a certified buprenorphine prescriber for sub-acute detoxification. He has an abundant knowledge of addiction and co-occurring illnesses and practices medicine with compassion, empathy and great care.

“Dr. Chad” has served as Medical Director of Wasatch Crest for three years.

“I feel very privileged to work with the remarkable team at Wasatch Crest. I have seen first-hand what a team of caring and dedicated professionals can do to help those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism.”

“As a physician, I have treated many diseases and have witnessed, personally and professionally, the often-devastating effects of addiction. I have also seen the amazing transformation of recovery in people’s lives."

Jason Square 300x300

Jason Wheelock

Operations Manager

The grounds, gardens, lawns and wildlife at Wasatch Crest are well-tended under Jason’s masterful direction. He also supervises the maintenance of our physical facilities, vehicles and other equipment. His first concern is for the safety and security of our clients, their families and our entire team. Additionally, he attends to the comfort, care and hospitality for all who visit Wasatch Crest.

Jason has been connected to the recovery community for more than three years.

“Whatever I do I try to find something fun in it. I can always find something here [at Wasatch Crest] to make my day happy.”

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Adelinn Cook, BS, TRS, CTRS

Recreational Therapist

Adelinn brings considerable knowledge and experience in adventure and experiential therapies to Wasatch Crest. She relocated from Indiana, noting that Utah is one of only four U.S. states offering licensure in Recreational Therapy.

Adelinn has the near-constant companionship of “Lilah” her emotional support dog, who accompanies her in all of her recreational and leisure interests. Adelinn would like to eventually develop and implement her own Outdoor Adventure therapy program for at-risk and chemically-dependent youth.

She is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington, with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy and a minor in Counseling.

In addition to her educational training, Adelinn has had considerable detox and treatment experience working with adolescents and adults at Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has also worked with individuals with various physical, social, emotional and behavioral disabilities at equestrian centers, geriatric care facilities, and physical rehabilitation sites throughout Indiana.

Adelinn has been connected to the recovery industry for ten years.

“I’m convinced that if you encourage addicts and alcoholics to find a clean & healthy recreational activity to engage in, that positive use of leisure time can replace the negative behaviors and energy associated with using.”

Cat Square 300x300

Cat Tezak, Case Manager

Family Liaison

Cat uniquely understands the many sides of addiction—especially from the standpoint of family members and their loved ones who suffer. Cat embodies and exemplifies the key ingredients essential in recovery—empathy and love. As keeper of the information vital to family members, Cat’s expertise provides the support, encouragement and understanding families appreciate, when a loved one is in treatment.

Cat has been connected to the recovery community for 15 years.

“Family members can be as frightened as the substance user they’re concerned for. My goal is to give the assurance that can ease the minds of loved ones and restore the hope that is available through recovery.”

josh barker 1 292x300

Josh Barker

Business Development

Josh Barker is a very kind and loving person who is passionate about helping people get the gift of recovery he has been given. Josh struggled with his own addiction for 16 years. Taking him to the depths of hell and back. He was helped by another and considers it his honor to now help those seeking recovery from active addiction. His passion is to guide those suffering from addiction and their families to resources for help. He is also passionate about a charity called Let It Flow that he works with, where he goes to foreign countries getting people clean water. He is a very avid Star Wars fan. He has a beautiful wife and son that are the loves of his life.


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