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Entering rehab takes a lot of courage and consideration. To make meaningful differences in your life, you've got to find the right rehabilitation program for your needs, your personality, and your long-term goals. You need an environment that feels welcoming, comfortable, and, above all, safe. That is what you can find with our Gender-Specific Residential Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment at Wasatch Crest, surrounded by Utah’s Wasatch mountain range.

Our gender-specific residential treatment care addresses the different ways men and women experience SUDs. By considering gender-specific influences and fostering empathetic environments, our programs aim to facilitate profound healing and lasting recovery.

At Wasatch Crest, we have spent years offering the highest quality treatment possible to men and women through our facilities and carefully-curated inpatient and outpatient programs. Our greatest passion is to continue helping individuals struggling with substance use disorders.  Contact our admissions center at 800-385-3507 for details about our campuses and levels of care.

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How Are Addiction and Rehab Different for Men and Women?

According to studies, men are more likely than women to use drugs recreationally or as a coping strategy. However, findings from the National Comorbidity Survey indicate that women are just as likely as men to develop substance use disorder. While there are some similarities in substance use between men and women, there are significant differences. These can relate to the progression of their addiction, the denial and shame that women face when they realize they need help, and also the strong need for community that women have as they seek recovery from substance use. Women also have higher reported instances of concurrent emotional health conditions like depression than men who report significant substance use. Finally, women are the proverbial caretakers of their families. This adds another layer of difficulty around childcare and separation from loved ones.

Men also face unique challenges in life and in their journey to a sober life. It can be immensely difficult for a man to open up about his emotions, and even to experience positive emotions. According to research, men experience about the same level of emotion as women. In fact, just over 30 percent of men report experiencing a time of depression at some point in their lives. The difference is that, due to societal conditioning, men do not express their emotions as freely as many women do.

What are the Benefits of an All-Men's or All-Women's Rehab Program?

Wasatch Crest has long had a vision of establishing gender-specific campuses. This move, which includes our Jupiter rehab facility in Park City, enables us to meet the unique needs of men and women with greater efficiency and nuance.

Some of what we believe can be gained through participation in gender-specific rehab programs include:

A greater sense of safety and security. In addition to concurrent emotional health issues, as many as one in three women struggling with addiction have experienced domestic violence, according to an ASPE policy brief at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In an all-women environment, it may be easier to open up about these experiences and work through them as a part of their rehabilitation. Men attending rehab only with other men gain a similar benefit, finding a sense of peace in sharing their feelings with their peers.

Nurturing and community. Women rely on a strong community for nurturance. Within the arena of rehabilitation from SUD, a UCLA study discovered that only 22 percent of women relapsed as opposed to 32 percent of men. Researchers concluded that this difference could be attributed to the social support that women are more likely to seek out. At the same time, there is an opportunity for men to form lasting bonds with their peers at an all-men's facility. A sense of brotherhood can support long-term recovery.

Therapeutic processes tailored to specific issues. Women carry burdens into drug rehab treatment that most men don't, such as guilt at the perception of abandoning their children, families, or other responsibilities. The burdens that men bring into their rehab journeys can range from a sense of shame to different risks for relapse, such as feeling positive emotions. Concurrent emotional health issues or eating disorders also require special care, which gender-specific facilities like Jupiter and Wasatch Crest are equipped to provide using a multidisciplinary approach.

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