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Death Penalty for Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking in the US Over the last decade, the drug landscape has shifted in United States. Opioid abuse (including prescription opiates as well as illicit drugs) has skyrocketed. Abuse of other drugs, including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, synthetic drugs, and marijuana, also remain cause for widespread concern. Drug trafficking accounts... Continue reading
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Recovery Stories – Meet Becky

Becky’s Story Hi, my name is Becky I am an Alumni & Staff Member at Wasatch Crest. For me it all started with casual drinking, partying, and smoking marijuana as a 25-year-old married mother of three.  Within five years I would be using IV heroin, cocaine, and meth and would... Continue reading
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Addiction in the LGBT Community

LGBT Community Faces Greater Risk for Addiction Nearly ten percent of Americans struggle with substance abuse and addiction, a statistic that is quite large compared to the rest of the world, and minorities face a greater chance of substance abuse than others. Ethnic and cultural diversity among addicts has been... Continue reading
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Tips for Being Mindful

Practicing mindfulness sets a stable base to build on during your recovery journey, allows you to accept what is out of control, and make peace with day-to-day experiences. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere and at any moment in time. Even as you’re reading this now. It does not require equipment,... Continue reading
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How Experiential Therapy Can Help You Recover from Addiction

Traditionally, addiction treatment in America has focused upon educational and process groups and individual therapy as primary treatment tools. Each person is different - their experiences with substance use, their backgrounds, their personalities, and their communication styles. Just as individuals differ, so must our approach to addiction treatment. People are... Continue reading