"We succeed in enterprises which demand the positive qualities we possess, but we excel in those which can also make use of our defects."
-Alex de Tocqueville

About 12 Step Integration

Twelve-step integration is an active engagement strategy designed to increase the likelihood of an individual becoming affiliated with and actively involved in 12-step self-help groups. Many health professionals, researchers, law enforcement and mental health agencies recognize that the 12 steps play an important role in recovery and that integrating them with other treatments creates a successful foundation on which to build long-lasting recovery.

The combination of education, counseling, abstinence, life skills training and other therapies are extremely effective in helping addicts get sober. With that said, the sense of community and belonging, and the “therapeutic value of one addict helping another” is what seems to help addicts and alcoholics stay sober for the long haul.

Working the steps has been a life-changing event for countless addicts and alcoholics, and the fact that the program continues to endure as the decades go by and times change is a testament to its effectiveness.

For those in treatment, the combination of cutting-edge therapies and 12 step programs only seem to complement each other. We integrate the 12 steps with both in-house and outside meetings. The 12 step literature is readily available, and we encourage sponsorship and fellowship. Our clients begin to share their experience, strength and hope with each other and find ways to help support each other in their early days of recovery together.

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