Mental Wellness and Addiction Recovery: 10 Ways To Be Mentally Well This Winter

When you’re mentally well, you’re less likely to feel the urge to use drugs or alcohol and more likely to embrace life sober. Like your physical health, mental health should be cared for which generally requires intentional focus, work and nurturing. Below, explore ideas for ways to stay mentally well this winter. 

1- Create a resolution, set an intention, or make a goal. 

Whether you prefer the solidness of a resolution, flexibility of an intention, or the aspirational nature of a goal — commit to striving towards self-betterment, fostering desired changes, and chasing your dreams this new year. Your potential is waiting for you to fulfill it. 

2 – Practice self-compassion. 

While on your self-betterment journey and in everyday life, remember to practice self-compassion by forgiving yourself for any mistakes. Perfection is impossible, so instead of engaging in negative self-talk, encourage yourself as you would a loved one. 

3 – Stay active.

Your physical and mental health are closely linked. By staying active, you can beat the winter blues. Consider dressing in your warmest clothes and going for an afternoon walk in the snow. Or, practice yoga by your fireplace. Embrace whatever mood-boosting movement calls you to.

4 – Participate in something new.

Attend a different meeting, join a group, or seek new ways to volunteer in your community. You’ll meet new connections, make new friends, have new experiences, and maybe even strengthen your skills. Who knows where the new experiences will lead you?

5 – Create a budget and stick to it. 

As you gain a fuller understanding of your finances, you’ll feel more in control of your life. You can even develop some new financial goals to work towards. A new financial future starts with one small step.

6 – Read a book.

Or two, or twelve. By devoting time to reading, you’ll learn more, gain new perspectives, and stay entertained. You can even involve your friends in your literary pursuits by beginning a book club. 

7 – Try meditating. 

Or any other mindful activity you prefer. Take time to engage your senses, arrive in the present, and appreciate the moment. As you do so, you’ll feel grounded, centered, and balanced. 

8 – Get creative.

Whether you’ve been wanting to kick off a DIY project, begin coloring, or learn how to play the piano, engage in a creative pursuit. Exercising your creative spirit has the power to indulge your inner child, nurture your authenticity, and bring you joy. 

9 – Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

You’ll feel exhilarated as you face your fears, practice courage, and feel a sense of personal growth.

10 – Allow yourself to seek professional help. 

Life can be complicated, challenging, and at times seemingly insurmountable, so take advantage of support resources. A mental health expert can help you navigate obstacles, heal struggles, and create a fulfilling life. 

If you’re struggling with substance abuse, addiction treatment can provide you with expert guidance and a healing retreat that’ll empower you to embrace sobriety this new year. You can always reach out to Wasatch Crest for support.

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