Levels of Care in Park City, UT

Men's and Women's Residential Treatment Centers

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)/Day Treatment

Evening & Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

At Wasatch Crest individuals struggling with addiction have access to a continuum of care that supports each step of the early recovery journey. Our addiction treatment programs span residential treatment, transitional living, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient with virtual and evening attendance options.

Wasatch Crest has been serving clients and their families since 2016. Our facilities are staffed by compassionate, highly trained clinicians and staff who understand the nature of addiction. Many of them are also in long-term recovery and have first-hand experience that affords them insights that can be comforting and beneficial for those just beginning their journeys.

We Offer Multiple Levels of Care

A Continuum of Care

A continuum of care approach is widely recognized as the most effective strategy for maintaining long-term sobriety among individuals struggling with substance abuse. By providing a range of treatment services tailored to individual needs, including gender-specific and co-ed clinical care, transitional living programming, and peer support, our continuum of care addresses various aspects of substance use and recovery. Essentially, the comprehensive programming ensures that individuals receive consistent support as they transition between different phases of treatment, reducing the risk of relapse and promoting sustained recovery. Overall, the approach offers a holistic and personalized approach to addiction treatment, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes and long-lasting recovery.

Gender-Specific Residential Treatment Programs

Our gender-specific residential treatment programs, which include our men's Wasatch program and women's Jupiter program, are tailored to the different ways men and women experience substance use disorders. In these full-time, in-patient, structured treatment settings, those struggling with addiction obtain the specialized support they need to stabilize their physical and mental health while surrounded by members of their same gender. From these safe, empathetic settings, healing can begin.

Though an in-patient program, our Wasatch and Jupiter residential centers feel anything but clinical. At our mountainside residential treatment centers, clients enjoy a reprieve from the everyday stressors that may have contributed to substance abuse. The treatment experience includes necessary medical support, individual and group therapy tailored to their specific gender, and experiential therapy opportunities. In our residential treatment programs, clients get to know themselves in a new light. They receive therapeutic guidance in processing their past and establishing goals that support a thriving, sober life.

Co-ed Day Treatment and Gender-Specific Transitional Living

Many of our clients who graduate from their residential treatment program then attend our co-ed day treatment program, also called our partial hospitalization program (PHP). This may occur alongside our gender-specific Uinta transitional living program, which works with clinical care to help clients gradually re-enter life on new terms. Our day treatment program is designed to support recovery in a more flexible environment, but one that continues to offer therapeutic guidance that facilitates the development of new skills and continued healing. The purpose and benefit of day treatment coupled with Uinta transitional living program are to enable clients to resume their lives gradually, rather than jumping right back into their daily stressors. It provides them with assistance in integrating healthy coping strategies, setting realistic goals, and creating healthy boundaries with friends and family.

During their time in day treatment and transitional living, clients can take advantage of several therapeutic services. These include:

  • Yoga
  • Art and music therapy
  • Rock climbing outings
  • Boxing classes
  • Outdoor adventure excursions
  • Equine therapy
  • Experiential therapy sessions
  • Recovery support specialists that aid in finding employment, securing housing, and overcoming everyday challenges

When a client is ready to graduate from day treatment and transitional living, they've typically gained the skills that are needed for lasting recovery. Additionally, most have formed a strong circle of support with peers who are also in recovery.

When clients leave treatment, we encourage participation in the Wasatch Warriors alumni community. Here, alumni benefit from regular meetings, service outings, social events, and frequent check-ins to discuss what's come up for them since leaving the treatment center.

Co-ed Virtual and Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (VIOP)

Upon completion of the transitional living program, clients may continue their long-term recovery journey with support from an outpatient program. The virtual and evening intensive outpatient program empowers clients to stay connected to their recovery and sober community.

The VIOP isn't reserved only for clients who have completed a residential and transitional living program. It is also nicely suited to individuals who struggle with moderate substance or alcohol misuse and could use some support to curtail or stop their habit.

Let Us Help You

If you are interested in learning more about the different levels of care available at our facilities in Heber, Utah, call Wasatch Crest today at 800-385-3507 or feel free to reach out via one of our online contact forms. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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