We Offer Resources for Families of Addicts

Family Resources

We recognize that families are equally impacted by addiction and have a central role in the recovery process. The complex relational patterns developed during a family member’s active addiction will require a steady focus on family interactions to bring about productive change. That is why we feel it is imperative to integrate resources for families of addicts into each and every treatment plan. Systemic recovery is one of our core values, by broadening the recovery process from the individual to the family we improve effectiveness for everyone.

Wasatch Crest creates space for families of addicts to have a voice during their family member’s time at Wasatch Crest. Because the recovery process is complex and multi-faceted we believe open communication is essential. Our Wasatch Crest treatment team is accessible to families and will gladly provide resources, information and family member updates appropriately. We appreciate and support families seeking positive change and who have their own goals and issues.

Common Family Dynamics, Complications & Challenges:
  • Accepting addiction as a family disease
  • Including the whole family unit on the healing and recovery process
  • Establishing appropriate internal and external boundaries
  • Knowing what to except during each stage of the recovery process
  • Developing a set of shared values about their family identity (who they are)
  • Awakening and applying every family member’s strengths
  • Understanding how healthy families function
  • Maintaining family roles

Upon graduation, our transition planning is a road map for clients and their families for months to come. We help clients and their families gather the most pertinent and essential information from their next community of residence. For example, mapping 12-step meetings, public transit schedules, community groups, job fairs and much more. This reduces anxiety and increases the chances of success right out the gate.

In addition, we are always here to be called upon after clients graduate.


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