"I'm always at a loss to know how much to believe of my own stories."
- Washington Irving

For Our Alumni

Wasatch Crest has an active alumni program that serves as a bridge from treatment back into life and twelve-step recovery. Our alumni coordinator assures that every client receives communications and invitations to our alumni meetings and adventure gatherings.

We host a weekly alumni 12-step meeting that has proven to be a recovery inspiration to alumni, current residents and staff alike. We host a variety of additional events that encourage connection; we believe the opposite of addiction is connection. When past clients exchange stories about how they have reclaimed ownership of their lives and feel empowered by their personal journey of recovery they are ultimately taking another step in the better direction. Our alumni program rebuilds relationships and provides much needed support for everyone no matter where they are in their recovery.

Our location is the gift that offers us the opportunity to host year-round outdoor activities such as hiking, water tubing and snow skiing as well as an extended annual weekend camping expedition. Our goal is to create an alumni community that graduates can be proud to share. Creating a new story is our mission; we believe the story continues after graduation and well into our alumni programs.


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