October 2018

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Tips for Being Mindful

Practicing mindfulness sets a stable base to build on during your recovery journey, allows you to accept what is out of control, and make peace with day-to-day experiences. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere and at any moment in time. Even as you’re reading this now. It does not require equipment, money, or fancy studios. All

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experiential therapy to help with addiction

How Experiential Therapy Can Help You Recover from Addiction

Traditionally, addiction treatment in America has focused upon educational and process groups and individual therapy as primary treatment tools. Each person is different – their experiences with substance use, their backgrounds, their personalities, and their communication styles. Just as individuals differ, so must our approach to addiction treatment. People are not one-size-fits-all, and neither is

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Top 5 Addiction & Recovery Documentaries

Documentaries are growing in popularity as major streaming services like Netflix and Hulu release new series on well known figures in crime and pop culture. There are a good deal of addiction documentaries on these channels as well and even more produced by individuals sharing their own personal stories of addiction, recovery, its effect on

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