benefits of sobriety

Benefits of Sobriety

The idea of getting sober can be daunting. It can seem overwhelming- even scary with all the unknown that comes from beginning that process. And it will be an on-going process. However, the process of getting sober and living sober has many benefits. Here are 5 Benefits of Sobriety to Inspire You Getting Active Again- …

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Bicycle exercise and addiction recovery

How Exercise and Addiction Work Together in Recovery

A key aspect of recovering from addiction includes facing (and tackling) challenges that represent the hurdles one will encounter when first entering the recovery world. Many times, addicts facing a physical activity or fitness goal will actually use less than before they started applying exercise to their recovery routine. The benefits of exercise on our …

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Signs of addiction and rehab

20 Signs It May Be Time for Rehab

Alcohol and drug addiction may seem like a private or solitary issue, but it impacts millions of families around the world. If you are struggling with addiction, please know that you have a ton of supporters and resources, and most importantly, you have millions of individuals who have gone through a similar experience—and are here …

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what happens when you quit drinking

What Happens When You Stop Drinking?

If you’ve been drinking regularly for a while and you’re considering quitting, there are a few things to think about before going cold-turkey. What happens when you stop drinking? A lot. The benefits of quitting are many. Your immune system will be more effective. You’ll feel better, sleep better, be more clear-minded, have more energy, …

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