Adventure Based Experiential Therapy in Park City, UT

Adventure Therapy at Wasatch Crest

Transcend Talk Therapy

Led by masters-level therapists, our evidence-based adventure therapy program helps clients establish resilience, discover their passions, and ultimately develop meaningful lives in sobriety.

Choose Your Adventure

Exploring Personal Interests and Developing Passions

Wasatch Crest’s masters-level therapists help clients identify new leisure interests, develop new coping skills, establish community leisure resources, and implement new spiritual practices.

Transcend Talk Therapy

Adventure Therapy Experiences

In addition to adventure therapy outings like rock climbing, fly fishing, ice skating, and snowshoeing, clients participate in equine therapy, a Lakota purification ritual, and service work on our adopted trail.

Read what our patients are saying!

"Wasatch Crest is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The staff are so kind and helpful. Just all-around great people that have your best interest and help to put back the broken pieces. Lots of different approaches to healing. I have learned so much about myself and who I want to be; but most of all accepting and loving myself for how I am today. So blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of such a stellar program! I would recommend this amazing place to anyone."

- Review from Former Client

Heal With Horses

Equine Therapy

Wasatch Crest partners with an Eagala-certified equine therapist to offer ground-based equine therapy. Horses’ intuitive and social natures provide insightful, real-time feedback where talk therapy may fall short. Learn more.

Purify & Connect

Lakota Sweat Lodge Ritual

Led by a Lakota elder, the Lakota sweat lodge experience allows clients to develop a deeper connection with themselves, each other, and a Higher Power. Before the experience, clients participate in preparation sessions to understand the significance of the sweat lodge ritual.

Give Back

Our Adopted Trail

By helping to maintain our adopted trail, clients and alumni work towards a common goal and form a connection with the community. Our 1.4-mile trail is in Wasatch Mountain State Park.Learn more.

Advance Your Adventure

Recreational Aftercare Resources

Clients graduate treatment with renewed interests and fresh hobbies to inspire their lives in recovery. To advance their new passions and interests, clients leave with an extensive list of community leisure resources and a calendar to schedule their leisure activities.

Experiential Therapy Groups

We offer experiential therapy groups that help you rediscover yourself, connect with your inner strength, and find healthy outlets for difficult emotions and stress. Through movement, creativity, and exploration, these groups open the doorway to healing and can teach you healthy coping skills that you can take with you.

Experiential Therapy Groups at Wasatch Crest Include:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Experiential recreation therapy outings
  • Community service projects
  • Spirituality groups
  • Gym time
  • Sports games
  • Camping trips
  • Art and music therapy

How Experiential Therapy Can Make a Lasting Positive Difference

There are many benefits of participating in experiential therapy. It can help reduce perceptions of loneliness and isolation, which is vital for those who feel like they’re struggling alone. In addition, participants may feel less anxiety or be less likely to face uncertainty about what comes next.

It's also vital to remember that experiential therapy has effects that last beyond individual sessions. By connecting with others in similar situations, you'll gain access to insights and perspectives that let you grow and manage stress healthily.

What Conditions Can Experiential Therapy Help With?

Experiential therapy can be applied to a wide range of conditions. For instance, it's not just effective at helping people manage addiction. Many participants use groups to cope with the new realities they face as cancer patients or navigate psychological issues. In other words, our experiential therapy may be a fit no matter what you or your loved ones are going through.


Can Anyone Participate in Experiential Therapy?

Wasatch Crest’s experiential therapy is geared toward specific people. This isn't meant to exclude anyone, but tailoring each group to a particular subject helps us keep things on topic and provide better outcomes. We currently offer sessions for those who struggle with addiction and their loved ones.

Can Participating in Experiential Therapy Cure Substance Abuse Problems?

It is vital to set realistic expectations for any therapy. Experiential therapy can help people build confidence and perseverance, but it is not a proven cure-all for addiction. Instead, it works best when used along with other treatment modalities like the 12-step method or cognitive-behavioral therapy. With that said, many participants report significant positive gains as a result of attending regularly.

Will My Privacy Be Protected as a Participant of Experiential Therapy?

Our facilitators maintain the same high privacy standards we apply to treating individuals. No matter whether you're dealing with personal drug and alcohol issues or have a loved one who is, we take every possible measure to uphold confidentiality. Our goal is to provide a safe zone to air your emotions, concerns, and stories in a judgment-free environment.

Start Your Adventure Therapy Today!

If you would to learn more about our Adventure-based Experiential Therapy programs and how it has helped others develop meaningful live in sobriety, give us a call at 800-385-3507 or complete an online contact form and a member will reach out to you.

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