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October is Positive Attitude Month: How to develop a positive attitude

This month is Positive Attitude Month, and although it isn’t easy to suddenly turn into a positive person when you’ve spent your whole life being negative, it can be done – and it is well worth the trouble. People who are “positive” cope with difficulties better, have better mental and physical health, and even live longer. How …

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Beginning Meditation

Meditation has been around a long time; it is thought that its beginnings go back as far as 3000 BCE. There are many good reasons for why this practice has endured and why it is still so popular today. Read on to see how meditation may be able to help you. It is scientifically proven to help …

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The Power of Microgoals

Have you ever heard of microgoals? They are a deceptively simple way to help yourself when you feel overwhelmed and anxious. They are also a great way to train yourself to be in the moment. Read on for more information about microgoals and what they can do for you. What are microgoals? We all have days …

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Getting Past the Past

An event that happened in the past doesn’t have to be huge and dramatic to still affect you. Friends and family may be surprised to find that you are still even thinking about something that happened years ago – but that doesn’t mean you should just discount your feelings. Finding a way to deal with events …

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The Importance of Gratitude

We’ve all been around those people – they seem to have a pretty good life, with lots of money, a good job, people to love and support them, and perfect health – but somehow they still don’t seem grateful for anything. They complain about everything, big and small. That’s not to say they don’t have …

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