Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness Therapy Sets a Solid Foundation for Recovery from Addiction

About Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness, which can be learned through mindfulness therapy, is simply being aware of our emotions, including negative feelings, in a balanced way. Establishing healthy emotional awareness enables facing pain, worry, trauma or anxiety without exaggeration or unnecessary dramatic responses that can lead to harmful consequences. Mindfulness is a compromised skill during drug and alcohol addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse can begin for many reasons, but in the end the result is an addiction to numbing out the pain, worry, trauma or fear. Being able to intentionally bring one’s attention to both internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment strengthens conscientious decisions. Pain, failure and setbacks are a natural part of life experiences, no one is exempt. Having a better understanding of our own suffering and perceived shortcomings cultivates self-compassion rather than self-punishment.

Wasatch Crest strongly believes individual recovery success depends on deploying mindfulness in tandem with evidenced-based therapeutic modalities. In addition to our passion for studying the human condition we have both professionally witnessed and personally experienced the benefits of mindfulness therapy and practices. We know that mindfulness exercises the mind like a muscle.

Bolstering our mental muscles through mindfulness increases positive thinking, restores depleted cognitive executive functioning and improves mood stability; all traits and qualities that were sacrificed during years of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

A few of the ways you will be able to learn, practice, and use your mindfulness skills are:

Our mission and number one goal at Wasatch Crest is to empower clients to create a new story. The core principle of mindfulness therapy is that by encouraging and teaching self-regulation through mindfulness, we essentially start boosting autonomy, willingness and acceptance and in turn clients become the author of an incredibly successful recovery for years to come.

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