Therapeutic Modalities in Park City, UT

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About Therapeutic Modalities

At Wasatch Crest Recovery, we specialize in treating adult men and women suffering from the effects of substance use disorders. Additionally, and importantly, our dual-diagnosis treatment addresses the underlying co-occurring challenges often associated with addiction.

We fully assess and develop a comprehensive and collaborative treatment plan to meet the individual needs of each client. Our safe and caring environment is built on a foundation of stability and accountability. We empower all individuals to find their passion and purpose and create a new story for their lives.

Elements of our therapeutic programs include:

Wasatch Warrior Testimonial

"Wasatch Crest is one of the best treatment centers in Utah...The therapy activities are productive, yet enjoyable; and the recreational activities are a blast! There’s so many places in the valley for hiking, fishing, sightseeing and more. Oh, and the food! They got a chef that can cook anything and everything... you won’t want to go home! This place will teach you how to be happy, and stay sober."

- Jas

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Call admissions at 800-385-3507 or our office at 435-657-9755 to contact us today! Wasatch Crest Recovery serves Heber, UT & all nearby areas.

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