Addressing Addiction Triggers in Recovery

Ups and downs come and go with recovery, it’s how you deal with them that results in growth, learning, and evolving into a better person. In recovery, these ups and downs can come in the form of addiction triggering situations, but with decisiveness and certainty in your decision, you choose the life you want rather than being a victim of circumstance.

When abstaining from drugs and alcohol, expect to encounter triggers and prepare for feeling the desire to drink again after a period of sobriety or use drugs to cope. Common trigger situations fall into two categories: emotional and environmental.

Emotional triggers in recovery

Emotional triggers manifest in the form of stress, anxiety, sadness, and anger. You’re human, and these are common emotions that will arise. It might be stress about work, anxiety about seeing someone from your past, sadness over something not working out the way you wanted it to, or any other emotional situation.

Environmental triggers in recovery

Environmental triggers are situations or events that bring back that want to use drugs or the urge to drink again. Returning to a place where you used to use, seeing someone who reminds you of using, or social situations where drugs or alcohol are present can trigger old feelings and habits.

How to deal with trigger situations

When you’re faced with an emotional trigger, recognize it and don’t let it lead to actions you will regret. Rather, focus your energy on the solution to what’s causing tense emotions. When you’ve identified the problem, funnel your energy on working toward the solution to the problem and your ability to regain control over your emotions.

For environmental triggers, pay close attention to your immediate circle. Surround yourself with positive people that support your recovery journey and avoid those who will tempt you with old habits that no longer serve you. Recognize when you find yourself in a place that brings back memories of using and remove yourself from situations that make you question your strength.

Get help addressing addiction triggers

If you’re struggling to navigate and maintain recovery on your own, Wasatch can help. Our recovery program teaches tools to address addiction triggers and helps you find the strength to stay sober and avoid relapse. Our alumni program also helps keep you connected with weekly 12-step meetings and adventure activities. Contact us today to achieve recovery with us in Utah.

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