10 Adventure Bloggers That Will Inspire You to Get Outdoors

For anyone familiar with our rehab services, you know we’re big on recreational therapy to treat addiction. If you or a loved one are considering addiction treatment, or would like to incorporate more outdoor activities into your recovery, this post is for you.

Blogs are a great way to learn about a trail or destination before going at it yourself. Articles will tell you about trail difficulty, what to expect on a certain ski run, recommendations for the best time to go, and how much time to plan for. Most adventure blogs also include great photos of the experiences to really get you inspired for your own adventure.

10 adventure bloggers that inspire us to get outdoors

Girl on a Hike

Alicia and her golden, Charlie document their outdoor adventures throughout Utah and beyond. The pair peaks mountains and camps in glamping set-ups that feel more like luxury resorts than camping. They can also be found soaking in the best hot springs to soak in, and enjoy snow sports in the wintertime. Alicia has been blogging about her outdoor adventures and has quite the repository of adventures to inspire you to get out and explore the Southwestern U.S.

Dirt in My Shoes

Ash is a former park ranger, turned adventure blogger extraordinaire. She has the best national park guides to answer all your questions about hiking, camping, and exploring these areas. After reading her posts, you will be hard pressed not to be inspired to visit the parks.

Utah’s Adventure Family

In this blog, a family of five documents their adventures through Utah. The blog has an abundance of resources for family-friendly hikes and adventures in Utah Valley and throughout the state of Utah. With guides, tips and photos for each trail post (plus stroller-friendly trails!), no matter what age your kids are you’ll be inspired to get the family outdoors!

Across Utah!

Jamal is an avid outdoor explorer who makes informative, quality videos and trail guides so well made you’ll feel like you’re there, and definitely feel inspired to go. Jamal documents his trips with mileage details, descriptive language, amazing photos, and is happy to reply to comments if you have any questions he didn’t already answer in the post.


Wanderookie inspires you to get outdoors by trying out the trails and adventures first, and then reporting back with adventures and details that worked out for you. Their mission is to instill outdoor rookies of all ages with the confidence to try new outdoor experiences.The blog has a big focus on Utah hiking trails, but also features national parks and other adventure around the country.

The Salt Project

Harmony and Stephanie are dedicated to highlighting the hidden gems of Utah. This site doesn’t solely focus on the outdoors, but it has a ton of great content on outdoor adventures in the Beehive state. Hiking, biking, and off roadings are some of the common adventures documented, and most posts include their children to show that outdoors adventures are a fun-for-the-whole-family kind of activity.

Dangerous Business

Amanda is a full-time world traveler, her trips and experiences are inspiring, but it’s how she incorporated outdoors adventures into her journeys that we love most. Amanda is great at dispelling common myths about traveling and the outdoors – like visiting the Grand Canyon in the winter. If you’re wondering, yes you can do it and you should!

She Dreams of Alpine

Allison is so inspiring! She found the outdoors as the answer to questions that had been bothering her for years. She used the outdoors to connect with herself and practice being the best person she can be everyday and is truly an inspiration to us all. Allison shares her wealth of knowledge about backpacking and hiking in California, Utah, Colorado, and beyond. She has plenty of tips for newbies too and caters her content to adventurers in all stages of the game.

Katie Wanders

Katie is an outdoor enthusiast who spent much of her adult life exploring the great outdoors in Utah. Her adventures don’t stop in the Beehive State. She documents her explorations throughout the United States and abroad and lives to tell her skiing, hiking, and diving stories for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by.

Go Adventure Mom

Kathy created this blog in an effort to combat Nature Deficit Disorder in children. The team of bloggers write about outdoor adventures in Utah, surrounding states and beyond. Common topics that can be found on Go Adventure Mom include winter sports, seasonal hiking, travel tips, state parks, outdoor adventures fit for the whole family, and how nature and activity relates back to health benefits.


These adventure bloggers provide great detail into what to expect and get you excited to get out there and experience it for yourself. Our only caution with these bloggers is to prepare yourself for major wanderlust and the undeniable desire to get outdoors on an adventure of your own.

There are so many benefits to being in nature in working through your strengths and weaknesses. At Wasatch Crest, we value and believe in adventure based experiential therapy because we’ve seen how it changes lives for the better. If you’d like to learn more about this form of addiction recovery, contact us today.


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