Choose Your Own Adventure

through experiential therapy

At Wasatch Crest, clients are able to live in a non-threatening environment while trying to work out a variety of challenges that are representative of the problems they face in early recovery and regular life.

The non-threatening environment is key – this allows them to drop their guard and show their true colors – both strengths and weaknesses – which are normally hidden in other therapeutic settings.

In talk therapy/process groups, clients can choose what they disclose and what their level of involvement is, but in experiential therapy, every action is dissected and discussed during and after the task.

The biggest success of experiential therapy is when a client together with his/her peers accomplishes something that at times seemed impossible – self-efficacy is achieved, and they learn that they can indeed to hard things.


Hiking / Experiential Hiking

Camping in Southern Utah

Ropes Course




Snow Tubing


Hiking / Experiential Hiking

Camping in Southern Utah

Ropes Course


Hiking / Experiential Hiking

Camping in Southern Utah

Ropes Course

River Tubing / Rafting

Stand Up Paddle Boarding



Sweat Lodge

Get Out Games (live escape rooms)

Indoor Rock Climbing

Other outings include museums, bowling, laser tag, hockey games, baseball games, local AA/CA/NA events, Recovery Days/Recovery Rally, car shows, indoor and outdoor volleyball, driving range, etc.

Monthly Recreational and Experiential Therapy Schedule includes:

  • Yoga and Meditation every Tuesday – Friday morning
  • Experiential Recreation Therapy every Tuesday
  • Outings (as mentioned above by season) every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons
  • Service projects every Saturday morning, ranging from deep cleaning the house to volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or Paws for Life pet adoption events
  • Spirituality groups on Mondays for 3 weeks, finishing off with a sweat lodge on the Friday after the 3rd group.
  • Clients also attend the gym almost every day and play volleyball on Fridays, sometimes against other local rehabs
  • A local overnight campout once a month for qualifying inpatient clients
  • Music group Tuesdays
  • Art group on Mondays
  • Goals and Meditation group on Mondays…

Create Your Own Adventure Schedule

“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top, then you will see how low it was.” -Dag Hammarskjold