What To Expect on the Journey To Lasting Addiction Recovery

As a person transitions out of addiction treatment and begins their new life in sobriety, they may feel excited, nervous, and unsure, along with many other emotions that coincide with healing, hard work, and new experiences. While they’ll inevitably face obstacles, they’ll also gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose as they strive towards enduring recovery.

Below, explore five things you can expect in early addiction recovery.

1. Extended Mental Health Support

After finishing treatment, many attend outpatient therapy to advance their healing process. Mental health support can help guide you in addressing challenges, developing coping strategies, and rebuilding your life in recovery. By attending therapy, you’ll likely be more equipped to deal with triggers, process your emotions, and heal your relationships.

2. Different Ways To Spend Your Time

During early recovery, many notice that they have much more free time, as their daily schedule no longer revolves around using. The spare time may feel strange at first, but eventually, you’ll naturally find your favorite ways to spend it. By pursuing your interests and trying new activities, you’ll happen on one or more endeavors that feel like a fit.

3. New Friendships

In early recovery, you’ll meet others with similar pasts who are progressing in their recovery one day at a time. Some may be in the same stage of recovery as you, farther along, or just beginning it. By connecting with these individuals, you’ll forge strong friendships that will support you throughout your journey. 

4. Difficulties

Active addiction may have left you with financial, legal, relational, or other obstacles. Use each issue as an opportunity for practicing your problem-solving skills. As you figure out how to overcome each challenge, you’ll create a strong foundation for your recovery. You don’t have to face any complication on your own, however. Transitional living programs, outpatient mental health support, and the recovery community can offer support and guidance for obtaining employment, finding housing, establishing transportation, mending relationships, and more. 

5. Personal Growth

Recovery is essentially a journey of discovering your amazing inner self and your endless potential. Every moment that you spend sober, present, and creating a new life, you’ll develop a sense of your authenticity, character, and resilience.


At Wasatch Crest, we offer a continuum of care that extends support to our clients even after they graduate. Upon completing treatment at Wasatch Crest, clients are welcomed to our Wasatch Warriors alumni community, which connects clients to a thriving recovery network with regular events, meetings, and mental health check-ins intended to support them as they create new stories in sobriety. Reach out to learn more about our addiction treatment services.

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