How to Prevent Relapse

Wasatch Crest’s Alumni Coordinator Becky Wheelock, CPSS, talks about the importance of creating a relapse prevention plan and gives advice on how to maintain your recovery. You can watch her discussion below.

Addiction treatment creates a safe bubble for clients that is necessary for their stabilization and initial healing. When individuals leave treatment, they face more triggers that can risk their recovery.

It’s possible to avoid certain triggers. For example, you might set boundaries or cut ties with certain people. Unfortunately, not all triggers can be avoided. Smells, sounds, tastes, music, people, movies, places, events, and seasons can act as triggers. Individuals in early recovery should make a plan for what to do when they feel tempted to use.

When you first leave treatment, building and maintaining motivation is crucial. Boredom can cause you to fall into depression and isolate yourself, which is a major risk to recovery. You can stay busy by spending time with your recovery community and taking care of yourself by doing activities you enjoy. Through our Wasatch Warriors alumni program, we make sure our alumni are continually supported in their recovery journeys. Sponsors or friends who are in recovery can be helpful to have on hand when you are struggling. It’s also smart to have a list of people that you can call if your initial contact doesn’t answer.

As you get farther along in your recovery, you begin to gain things back, like your relationships, a place to live, a car, and a job. When you’re tempted to use, you can ask yourself if using is worth losing the things you’ve gained back in your recovery.

When a person is at risk of a relapse, they start thinking, talking, and acting differently before they even pick up the substance. In order to prevent relapse, you must tell on yourself. It might seem like a small thing, but admitting you are struggling can keep you from using. So, stay connected to your recovery community and reach out to someone when you need support.

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About the Author

Wasatch Crest’s Alumni Coordinator Becky Wheelock, CPSS facilitates our Wasatch Warriors alumni organization. She works closely with Wasatch Crest alumni, staying in touch with them, hosting alumni events, and planning alumni meetings. Becky has worked in the recovery field for over three years. She is proud to be part of a team that is invested in changing people’s lives. She feels fortunate to be able to celebrate our Wasatch Warriors and watch them enjoy their lives again.

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