7 Best Utah Cities to Live in Recovery

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful outdoor expanses in the nation. The state has several cities with the ideal environment for people in recovery for more reasons than just its outdoors. Friendly and welcoming locals, great economic environments, and low crime rates provide the ideal atmosphere to create new routines, traditions, and a great life in recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

As humans, we want to be surrounded by healthy, happy neighbors with good values and a positive influence on our day to day life. The environment in Utah is ideal for continuing your recovery journey after treatment because of the abundance of outdoor and community activities to get involved in, in winter and warmer months. Here are seven towns that are the perfect place to call home.

Best Utah Cities to Live in Recovery

St. George

St. George is the perfect place for people in recovery to thrive. The most obvious appeal is gorgeous Zion National Park just a stone’s throw away, beckoning adventures in its miles of outdoor terrain. But St. George has plenty more to offer than its great outdoor appeal. This small town has an abundance of community museums, theaters, arts events, spas, and entertainment opportunities to enjoy. With so much to do it’s no wonder St. George has one of the lowest excessive drinking rates in the nation.


Ogden is an ethnic and economically diverse town in Utah. It’s not a small town with 80,000+ residents, but its cool vibes persist through friendly, family-oriented locals.

It is the gateway to several impressive ski resorts and within the city limits it’s dotted with delicious restaurants and plenty of fun events and activities year round.


Provo is a place where its residents are thriving. The city was recognized by CNN for having the fastest pace of job growth over any other city in the United States. If you’re looking for a new start to your career, Provo is the ideal place. But it’s not all business in this mountain town. Provo is widely touted as a cycling city, having been ranked by the U.S. Census Bureau amongst the top cycling cities in the nation making this an outdoor adventurer’s paradise.


Orem has a friendly, suburban vibe that is perfect for families and young professionals who enjoy a calmer pace of a life. Residents enjoy far below average crime rates, a great educational system with universities nearby, and as with all places in Utah, outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and skiing are never too far from home.


People love living in Logan. It has some of the best road cycling in Utah, friendly locals, and access to several rivers and mountains for fishing, hiking, or just getting away to clear your mind. For those looking to continue their education, Logan is home to Utah State University. And with bigger cities close by there are plenty of job opportunities to make a happy comfortable life.


Murray is the perfect place for those who want to be out of the way, but still close enough for a quick drive into the larger areas. It sits just west of the Wasatch Range, an outdoor adventurer’s paradise for skiing, hiking, biking, camping, and more.

Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove is known as “Utah’s City of Trees,” and is one of the state’s largest cities by population. It offers its residents a clean and friendly environment. Pleasant Grove has historic roots in strawberry production and stays true to it to this day with its annual Strawberry Days summer festival. This town knows how to preserve its small town vibes, even as it grows to a suburban paradise with low crime rates, great school system, and a good economic market for working professionals.

These are just seven amazing Utah towns to call home, but there are many more, which is why we chose it to be the central location for our recovery center. We believe in the healing powers of outdoor Utah, both during treatment and throughout your life in recovery.


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