Meth Addiction Rehab Success Rate

When Treating Meth Addiction, a Comprehensive Approach Is Crucial

As most users and their family  members are already well-aware, meth addiction statistics paint a sobering picture in terms of recovery. Each year millions of people actively abuse meth, with a large number being considered regular users. In terms of the meth rehab success rate, a vast majority of users end up relapsing after their initial treatment.

These figures only underscore the importance of finding a quality treatment facility that has experience addressing this complex addiction. In many cases, the first step towards recovery involves understanding meth addiction and all that is required to achieve a complete recovery. Doing so will assist addicts in finding a treatment option that works best for them and their specific circumstances.

Understanding Meth and Its Effects

Those that become addicted to meth are initially attracted by the intense feeling the drug creates. The initial rush is identified by a racing heart and increased blood pressure, while also leading to behavior where the user may become obsessively involved with a single item or action. Because meth is derived from medicine like nasal decongestants, those addicted retain easy access to their drug of choice. This renders making a full recovery that much harder.

While the initial affects of meth may feel positive to the user, over time using the drug can result in a number of ill-effects. These typically include increasingly violent behavior that can pose a danger to the user as well  as others. To this end, meth abuse is often exhibited by the following signs:

  • Continual legal issues due to drug abuse
  • Development of mood disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Engaging in risky behavior
  • Physical effects such as nausea, liver damage, insomnia
  • Experiencing paranoia or hallucinations
  • Disorganization of thoughts
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Problems maintaining relationships


Effective Treatments for Dealing With Meth Addiction

Due to the inherent difficulties of dealing with meth addiction, the right treatment plan can be hard to find for many users. This only serves to increase frustration, particularly for family members of addicts who may experience a number of residual effects resulting from the users inability to secure reliable treatment.

As with many other drug addictions, addressing the underlying mental issues a user experiences is paramount to initiating a successful recovery. Most addicts are attempting to self-medicate by use of illicit substances, which will only serve to exacerbate existing mental health issues over time. Accordingly, a realistic treatment option must afford assistance for both the addiction itself, as well as any underlying causes. Failing to do so will only set in motion the seemingly endless relapse cycle and greatly diminish a user’s chances of a complete recovery.

We Can Help You Battle Your Addiction and Take Back Your Life

While treating a methamphetamine addiction may be difficult, Wasatch Crest has the type of treatment plans essential to maintaining long-term sobriety. This includes a well-versed and dedicated staff who will allow users to find a program tailored to their specific requirements. We can also assist family members in understanding all that addiction entails, which is vital to creating a working support system once treatment has ended. With our help, you can break the chains of addiction and take back your life.



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