Facing Addiction

You Don’t Have to Face Addiction Alone


When you deal with an alcohol or drug addiction and are working to overcome your bad habits and live

a successful life, it’s important that you have a support network to surround you. Once you have

completed your treatment program and are ready to move on with your life, there will always be

situations that tempt you as cravings for your substance of choice arrive.

Before you get back to normal life, it’s important that you have a sober support network to help you

along the way. These people should be invested in helping you recover from your addiction, and not be

those that enable your risky behaviors. While drug and alcohol addiction can feel hopeless and

overwhelming, you definitely don’t have to go it alone.


Reach Out for the Right Support

You simply can’t overcome your addiction on your own. While drug and alcohol addiction centers give

you the tools you need to overcome your bad habits, you also need those who are invested in your

future to support you. You may need to cut those from your life that encourage risky behavior, but also

reach out to those who want to see you be successful.

  •  Close family and friends – You may be nervous about turning to friends and family for help after

you’ve let them down, but they want to see you get help and succeed. Suggest family or couples

counseling if your family is reluctant to get involved with your addiction.

  • Social network – Your previous social life was full of drugs and alcohol, so it’s time to make new

connections. Join a civic or church group, volunteer, take a class or attend support groups that

focus on sobriety to create a sober social network.

  • Sober living home – If you don’t have a stable living environment or a drug-free home to return

to, you may want to consider a halfway house or sober living home as you recover from your


  • Meetings – Meetings are an essential part of staying sober after you’ve completed your rehab

treatment. Find a recovery support group close to your home and set a regular schedule for

attending meetings. This gives you a chance to make friends that understand exactly what you

are going through.

If you are surrounded by those who are invested in helping you live a drug and alcohol free life,

overcoming your addiction is much easier. Set up a support network that you can turn to when life gets

hard and you aren’t sure how to cope.

We Can Help

Here at Wasatch Crest, our goal is to help you live a normal, successful life even after you’ve dealt

with an addiction. Call us today at (800) 385-3507 to learn more.

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