Finding a Rehab

What to Look for When Seeking a Rehab Facility

The decision to seek out a drug rehab facility is not one that’s taken lightly. In most cases, the road to seeking treatment will have been long and arduous for both the addict as well as family members witnessing first-hand the ravages of this pervasive disease. As a result, finding a rehab facility may prove difficult for many. That’s why knowing just what to look for in a prospective facility is paramount to getting the treatment you need.

A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

One of the most important factors in an addiction treatment facility lies in its approach to treatment. Most often, treating addiction requires a holistic approach to help patients learn methods for coping with life in general, such as the one offered at Wasatch Crest, thereby offering a way to deal with common addiction triggers.

In addition, treatment plans must be tailored to each individual patient. What works in one instance won’t necessarily work in another, and plans that fail to address the personal needs of a particular patient will most likely end in heartache and frustration.

A Variety of Treatment Options

Addiction can take on many forms, and as a result suitable treatment options often vary quite a bit from person to person. For some inpatient care may be required, while others may fare better with outpatient programs offering intensive therapy.

To adequately address the many needs of those seeking recovery, a facility must offer a variety of treatment options. This should include programs of varying lengths (typically 30, 60, and 90 day programs), as well as the following options:

  • Life Coaching
  • Inpatient Aftercare
  • Job Assistance
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Group Sessions
  • Couples Sessions
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Sober Living Assistance

Dedicated Staff

Of course, working with a dedicated staff is just as important as the type of recovery treatment afforded. A good staff must offer both emotional support as well as practical guidance to ensure that those in recovery have continuous access to the resources they need to get well.

Experience also plays a role in the level of care afforded by addiction recovery staff. Staff should have knowledge of many different types of addictions to better serve a variety of patients. This can sometimes include personal experience with addiction, which will only fortify one’s understanding of what good treatment should be.

Family Assistance

Addiction is a problem capable of affecting entire families. Accordingly, those undergoing treatment often require instruction on just how to broach difficult personal issues with family members, who may be struggling to understand certain addictive behaviors.

For this reason, a treatment facility should include programs related to things like interpersonal communications, as well as methods for maintaining relationships with family during times of stress. Family should also be able to attend therapy sessions with those in treatment so they can learn to communicate in a constructive way.

Healing Happens Both Inside and Out

When in search of a rehab facility offering all of the above, Wasatch Crest can help. We pride ourselves on providing treatment options capable of addressing the seemingly endless cycle of addiction by helping those afflicted heal themselves inside and out. This process is essential to making a full recovery and getting back to what makes life worth living once again.



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