What Is Adventure Therapy?

The days of sitting in a stuffy office to receive help for your problems are long gone – nowadays, counselors and patients agree that adventure therapy makes a great addition to other, more traditional kinds of therapy.

What Kind of Adventures Are Involved in Adventure Therapy?

At Wasatch Crest, among the backdrop of all the beauty that nature has to offer, there are a variety of ways to have adventure: show shoeing, ice skating, and fly fishing are just a few. There is also the chance to get some equine therapy in, feel the satisfaction of accomplishment by helping to maintain an adopted trail, and even experience a sweat lodge.

How Is Having an Adventure “Therapy”?

Taking part in adventure therapy at Wasatch Crest means you are doing something new in a safe space, with therapists and a supportive group of people around you as you challenge yourself physically and mentally. Adventure therapy can offer you:

  • Self-confidence. When you are out in nature having a brand new experience, you will have to make choices. You’ll learn to trust the decisions you have to make while developing a sense of accomplishment.
  • Problem solving skills. You’ll work with your peers and your therapist during activities, learning communication and problem solving skills. It will also give you the chance to talk through any negative, destructive behaviors that arise with a nearby therapist.
  • A different way to see the world and yourself. Adventure activities are followed by sessions to discuss your actions and emotions to reflect on what you learned and to give you a better sense of your own coping strategies and thought processes.
  • A mood boost. Time spent exercising and time spent outdoors can do wonders for your mood, but we often get too busy for either of these things. Adventure therapy ensures that you get outside, get some exercise, and take advantage of all nature has to offer!

At Wasatch Crest, therapy is more than just sitting in a room. It is about adventure, new experiences, and finding out that you can do things you never thought you could. Contact the treatment center in Heber, Utah, at (800) 385-3507, for more information on adventure therapy!

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