How Equine Therapy Can Help During Addiction Treatment

Many people feel more relaxed after spending time with animals. Wasatch Crest takes advantage of this, using equine therapy to help those suffering from addiction. Spending time with animals reduces stress and gives clients unconditional love – something they may be missing in their lives.

Equine therapy has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In the 19th century, German doctors used horses to reduce hypochondria and hysteria. Over the years, more and more therapists started using horses for therapy, starting with the Community Association for Riders with Disabilities in 1969. Equine therapy gained a lot of ground in the 1990s when many mental health facilities started using horses to boost psychological well-being.

How Equine Therapy Works

At Wasatch Crest, clients do not ride the horses. Everything is ground-based. They build connections with the horses by caring for them. While caring for the horses, the clients can talk – to the horses – about their day.

When combined with a treatment team, equine therapy helps people suffering from addiction to accept themselves. The therapy also helps them overcome challenges they may be facing.

Equine therapy not only helps addiction, but it can help possible underlying causes of addiction, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder, grief, relationship issues, and behavioral problems.

Equine Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Since horses pick up on a human’s moods and feelings, they can provide a connection where it is easier for the person suffering from addiction and the horse to learn to trust each other. To gain the horse’s trust, the client must learn to communicate with the horse, which requires more self-awareness.

Additional benefits include:

  • Learning to control impulsive behavior through concentration and patience
  • Learning social skills
  • Learning or improving problem-solving skills
  • More awareness of dysfunctional behavior
  • Learning what a healthy relationship is
  • Building confidence

See if Equine Therapy Is Right for You

Our trained professionals at Wasatch Crest are dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction through the use of equine therapy and other proven treatment options. Our addiction recovery programs located in Park City and Heber, UT, are effective and reliable when it comes to helping individuals regain control of their lives and live happier and healthier. To explore how our facility can help you overcome your addiction, contact us today at 800-385-3507 to schedule an appointment.

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