9 Recovery Resolutions to Make in 2019

A new year is upon us once again and that means it’s time to set resolutions that help us become the best version of ourselves. Approach this new year by thinking about what that best version of yourself looks like. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Keep that in mind as you look at making resolutions in the areas to improve in to get you there.

Take your resolutions and turn them into specific and actionable goals you can work to achieve all year long. Break your goals into specific, smaller milestones and write them down so you can keep yourself accountable and celebrate your accomplishments.

Attend Regular Support Groups

Make attending regular peer meetings and support groups a top resolution this year. Attending these meetings makes you feel stronger and committed to your recovery journey. Make your goal for this to be your strongest year yet.

Routine Exercise

Activity has countless benefits in addition to physical fitness. According to Mayo Clinic, you can also expect exercise to prevent a range of health problems including cancer and diabetes. It also improves mood, boosts energy, helps you sleep better and much more! If you don’t exercise at all, set a goal to workout a couple times a week and increase it as the year goes on.

Quit Something Else Unhealthy

Sobriety is a major accomplishment, and now that you’re on your recovery journey make a goal to cut out another unhealthy thing from your life. Cigarettes, soda, or negative self talk are great candidates for this goal, but think about what’s toxic in your life and resolve to leave it in the past.

Learn a New Skill

There’s no time like the present to pursue your passions. Make a goal to learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to try. Mastering a new skill brings a huge sense of accomplishment and self worth. Think about something you’re interested in and make a goal to pursue it throughout the new year.

Save Money

One of the benefits a sober life is more financial freedom and a healthy savings account opens up options for your future. Make financial goals to establish a budget and save a certain amount each month.

Family Days

Set a goal this year to have regular family days to spend quality time with those you love most. You can have these in whatever cadence works best for your lifestyle, but prioritizing them as a part of your recovery lifestyle will do wonders for you.

Positive Attitude

Set a resolution to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude this year. Perception is reality and when you set this as a goal you can remember to actively practice seeing the good in life.


Set a goal to go back to school to finish your degree or learn something new. A fun way to accomplish this goal could be to commit to reading four books, or listening to a podcast every week on a topic you’re interested in. The number of books or topics you learn about are up to you!

Sleep More

Getting enough sleep is known to help boost your mood, athletic performance, cognitive ability, and more. The Sleep Foundation recommends at least seven hours a night for most adults, but ideal times vary by age and person. So make restful sleep a top priority in the new year.

If starting your recovery journey is the resolution you want to make this year, contact us today. We provide individualized recovery programs, compassionate care and the one-one-one attention you need to achieve a full, successful recovery.

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