You Are Not Alone: A Message to Those in Active Addiction

To Those Struggling with Addiction

Are you struggling with addiction? You are not alone, but sometimes it can feel that way. When we are caught in a cycle of addictive thoughts and behaviors, we isolate. We wonder if others are judging us. We feel ashamed and afraid. We are at once confused and reckless. We try to detox ourselves and we’re sick. We vow to try again tomorrow, and we do – but there we are again with the drink or the drug. We are doing what we vowed we would not. We struggle, we resist the urges to use, and then somehow we realize that we are right there again – running toward the drink or drug instead of away from it. Why? The physical and emotional trials that come along with substance abuse are crushing, and we feel like no one understands us. Though we try, we cannot overcome this alone.

Mood-altering substances derail how our brains work. They compromise our decision-making, the way we react to those around us, and slowly take over our lives. Instead of seeing our substance use as a choice, we feel enslaved to it. When we try to stop, our brains and bodies pull us back. Substance use becomes our priority. We need it to help us socially, to help us sleep. We need it to avoid physical and emotional withdrawal. We need it to cope. We need it to feel safe in our own skin. We make room for it by pushing away friends, work, and even our families. Sometimes, we are physically sick. Sometimes we are so emotionally wrecked, we cannot be around others. We isolate, and we use, and we feel alone and misunderstood. We are scared – scared to let go of the drink or the drug. Scared of facing ourselves and others.

Have you had enough? Reach out to Wasatch today. Without judgment but with compassion, patience, and professionalism, our staff are here to help you back to wellness. Recovery takes time, but recovery is possible. You can feel good about yourself again. You can heal. Take back your life from addiction and create a life you love. You are more than your addiction. You are not alone.

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