Why Is Mindfulness So Hard?

Do you ever find that your brain has so much going on that you can’t control it all? And then you end up feeling anxious and depressed? It can be hard to control your thoughts and just enjoy the moment – and that’s where the concept of “mindfulness” comes in. But as anyone who has tried to practice mindfulness can tell you, it is not easy – sometimes even people who have been practicing it for years have a hard time. Why is it so difficult? 

What is mindfulness?

“Mindfulness” is the practice of bringing your thoughts into the moment and enjoying where you are – physically and mentally – despite what is going on around and within you. Mindfulness is done without any judgment about the thoughts that come into your head; you simply acknowledge them and then move on. 

Why is mindfulness so hard?

One reason that mindfulness is so difficult is that life can be so busy. To cope with it all, our brains try to handle everything at once and even try to anticipate future problems and deal with them at the moment (even if you aren’t exactly sure what these future problems are!). It is a deeply-ingrained habit. However, research shows that the practice of mindfulness can actually rewire your brain and teach it how to control those runaway thoughts. 

How is mindfulness practiced?

Meditation is one way to retrain your brain. However, you can practice mindfulness at any time: 

  • Live in the moment, and find joy in the simple things around and within you
  • Accept yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings without judgment, and then move on to thinking more positive thoughts about the moment
  • Take a minute to relax and collect yourself when you start thinking negative thoughts

It is not easy to suddenly be mindful. It is something you have to work at, because changing how you think can be a complete shock to your brain. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find it difficult – take it one day at a time and it will eventually get easier! Mindfulness therapy is one of the many treatment approaches offered at Wasatch Crest Treatment in Heber, Utah. Call (800) 385-3507 to learn more. 

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