October is Positive Attitude Month: What can a positive attitude do for you?

We all know at least one person who is positive no matter what – positive to the point where it’s a little annoying and you wonder how they got that way. Although it may seem foreign to some of us, a positive attitude has many benefits. However, although cultivating a positive attitude is worth the effort, it is easier said than done!

Why bother to have a positive attitude?

As you know, one negative thought can lead you down a dangerous road, where more negative thoughts are waiting to grab hold of you. It can affect your day and your whole week, but it may feel like just a natural part of life. It is possible, though, to keep those negative thoughts at bay and work at being more positive, and this comes with many benefits:

1. A positive attitude makes it easier to get through the really tough times. If you start trying to be positive about the little annoyances that come up – being stuck in traffic, having a problem with your plumbing – it primes the brain to be more positive and proactive and helps you to cope better when you have a more serious problem arise.

2. It is good for your health. A positive attitude helps your day-to-day mental health, reduces feelings of stress, allows you to have more energy, and decreases the risk of mental health issues. All of this is good for your cardiovascular, respiratory, and overall health.

3. Besides these other benefits, when you are able to take a step back, realize that you are thinking negatively, and change course to more positive thoughts, it can be very empowering to realize that you have such control over your thoughts (perhaps something that has never occurred to you).

It’s not always easy to be positive with all that life can throw at us, and if you’ve decided you want a more positive attitude it can take some hard work – but it is worth it! The staff at Wasatch Crest in Heber, Utah, knows the power of being positive and wants to help you achieve your mental health goals. Call (800) 385-3507 today.

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