Questions to Ask When Choosing a Treatment Center

Wasatch Crest Business Development Representative, Josh Barker, lays out the top questions individuals should ask when choosing a treatment center. You can watch his presentation and read his questions below.


Questions to Ask When Choosing a Treatment Center

  • Insurance: If you’re planning on using insurance to finance treatment, does the treatment center take your insurance? Are they in or out of network with your insurance company? What are the financial obligations if they do take your insurance?
  • Private pay: If you’re considering not using insurance to finance treatment, what is the private pay rate for treatment?
  • Location and Environment: Where is the treatment center located? What does the facility look like?
  • Culture and Values: Are the business development and admissions representatives kind and thoughtful? Do they listen to your concerns without pressuring you? Would they feel comfortable sending their loved ones to the center?
  • History: How long has the treatment center been in business?
  • Treatment Specialties: Is it a dual diagnosis program? Does the center offer mental health treatment as well as substance use disorder treatment?
  • Therapeutic Modalities: What types of therapy does the center offer? What modalities does the center specialize in?
  • Medical Care: Does the center have psychiatry and medical professionals on staff?
  • Assessment: Does the treatment center conduct a prescreening assessment to determine if the program is an appropriate fit?
  • Individual Therapy: How many individual therapy sessions do clients have each week?
  • Family Involvement: What does the center’s family programming entail? How involved is the family in treatment? Does the center offer family therapy sessions?
  • Schedule: What does a typical day in treatment entail? What time do clients wake up? What activities are on the schedule?
  • Recreational Therapy: Does the program offer recreational therapy? What are the physical requirements?
  • Lifestyle: Do they incorporate healthy eating and exercise? What is the food like?
  • Gender: Is the program coed or gender-specific?
  • Nicotine: Does the program allow nicotine use?
  • Aftercare Resources: Does the center connect clients with aftercare resources? Does the center offer its own aftercare resources, such as intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, or transitional living programs?
  • Alumni Program: Does the treatment center offer an alumni program to keep program graduates connected to recovery?

We understand that choosing an addiction treatment center can be complicated. Our team will help you find treatment that aligns with your needs, interests, and values. Reach out to us any time at 800-385-3507.

About the Author

Josh Barker — Business Development Representative

By developing strong relationships with health care professionals and the community, Josh aims to be a resource for individuals struggling with addiction. Josh entered the recovery field after beating his own 16-year struggle with addiction and has worked on recovery outreach teams for over six years. He is passionate about giving others the same gift of recovery that he was given.

In his free time, Josh works with the nonprofit Let it Flow to help source clean water in Ethiopia, Haiti, Fiji, India, and the Philippines. Josh is a huge Star Wars fan and earned his Eagle Scout badge when he was 16 years old. Josh is married to the love of his life and has two beautiful children, who he considers his greatest accomplishments.

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