I Have a Substance Use Disorder: Do I Need Rehab?

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Everyone needs help at some point in life. You may be at that point if you have a substance use disorder. If you have a substance use disorder, an addiction treatment program at a reputable rehabilitation center can help you.

Signs You May Benefit from Rehab

If one or more of these signs applies to you, then you most likely have a substance use disorder and should consider entering a rehabilitation center instead of a detox clinic.

You Have Been Unsuccessful in Trying to Quit

Some people start a drug and are able to stop using it on their own. However, others are unable to stop using a drug once they start. Even if a few people can stop for a few weeks or months, an event may occur that triggers them (such as a death in the family or job loss), and their chemical dependency is reignited. If you acknowledge that you’re using your drug of choice more often than you’d like, you may benefit from a treatment program at a rehabilitation center.

Your Health Is Declining

Have you or your family noticed that you’re losing weight? Do you have flu-like symptoms but don’t know why? Are your peers telling you that you don’t look well? If you’re experiencing any of the above, your health is probably declining. A sudden decline in your health is a common sign of drug use that needs therapeutic attention if you want it to end.

You Prioritize the Drug Over Family and Activities

Many people who suffer from addiction will decline to attend family functions and stop spending time with their friends, so they can get high. Drugs have become their priority. In this case, a treatment program is most likely necessary.

You Use the Drug Frequently

If you’re using a drug throughout the day, you may need a treatment program to stop.

Wasatch Crest Offers Addiction Recovery Services

Overcoming your chemical dependence on a drug or group of drugs is not something you have to do alone. There is help, and there is hope. Contact addiction recovery therapists in Park City, Utah, for more information. The therapists at Wasatch Crest are reachable at 800-385-3507.

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