Things to be Grateful For When in Recovery

With the holiday season upon us those recovering from drugs and alcohol have a lot to be grateful for. Our recovery alumni often give us positive updates on their newfound happiness after leaving our center. And we love to hear it!

One such alumni let us know he was “able to rekindle passions in my life that I had lost touch with in my addiction,” and it inspired us to show the many simple joys to be thankful for. With Thanksgiving nearing closer we pulled together some of the most common things to be grateful for when in recovery.

Top 10 things to be thankful for in recovery:

  1. Rekindled relationships with family and friends. Your personality is affected by substance abuse and distracts you from spending quality time with those you love, often damaging those relationships. With substances out of the picture you can rekindle relationships and have deeper, more meaningful connections with the people that matter most.
  2. Revived passion for the outdoors. We strongly believe in the healing properties of the nature, and our alumni often leave with a revived passion for hiking and enjoying the outdoors. One of our alumni recently gave us an update after their time with us about how nature helped the recovery process. “The views of natural beauty that enveloped the facility put me in a state of gratitude every morning I looked out my window; and being in a state of gratitude is a safe place for a recovering addict to be.”
  3. Getting back in touch with your creative side. When addictions take over, passions and interests you used to have are pushed to the wayside. Recovering addicts often find themselves with more free time now that drugs and alcohol aren’t filling it up. This creates new opportunities to get back in touch with your creative side and make music or art.
  4. Feeling emotions again. Substances dull and block your emotions. Without the use of alcohol and other drugs you the capacity to feel your feelings again. Happiness, love, anger, gratitude – the spectrum of emotions will return and you can establish a healthy relationship with your emotions.
  5. Health and wellness. Speaking of feelings, another reason to feel gratitude in recovery is for your improved health. Waking up feeling energized and well tops the list of benefits of being sober. It certainly beats waking up with a hangover and moping around in bed all day.
  6. Positive changes in your body. Addiction does a number on your body, from weight gain or loss, to the physical effects it can have on your skin and appearance. Once you stop using, your body weight stabilizes to a healthy level, and the dark circles, wrinkles, and other telltale signs of addiction begin to disappear. With the energy and motivation that results from recovery, many people also find a fitness routine that furthers their positive body image.
  7. Making smarter choices. Addiction causes you to lose your ability to make rational decisions. Decisions are often made for instant gratification without consideration of the consequences they might face later on. Without substances to cloud your judgement you are able to make good life choices that you won’t regret later.
  8. Optimism and inspiration. Feeling optimistic and inspired are two feelings so easily taken for granted. When suffering from substance abuse it can be hard to see beyond your current situation and be inspired by life. Without drugs and alcohol, your eyes are opened to the opportunities that await and you can once again, become inspired to pursue them.
  9. Financial improvement. Addiction is expensive and most addicts have found themselves broke after spending it all on their habit. The good news is that once in recovery those expenses disappear and you are once again able to afford the things you need, and maybe even save money. The satisfaction that comes with financial confidence will be well worth your commitment to recovery.
  10. Self respect and self worth. Addiction does a number on your self confidence, but as you get sober and rebuild your life you are able to regain the respect of those around you. When you see the positive changes you are responsible for, your self worth returns and you are once again able to feel genuine joy with who you are.

There’s a lot to be grateful for in recovery and with a clear head you’re in the best position to appreciate it.

If you’re suffering from addiction and seeking help, see what type of recovery program is best for you, and discover all there is to be grateful for today.

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