I Have a Substance Use Disorder: How to Tell My Family

Addiction recovery

America is dealing with a serious opioid crisis. This epidemic has taken far too many lives, but it doesn’t need to take yours, too. If you have an addiction, do not let the fear of how to tell your family stop you from getting help. Our blog lays out a five-step approach to telling your family about your need for addiction recovery.

5 Steps to Telling Your Family About Your SUD

Get Prepared Emotionally

Being open and honest about your substance use disease can demand a lot of you. You’ll be vulnerable in a way you probably never had to be before now. To get through this process, you may want to know your triggers and be prepared to handle some uncomfortable moments.

Bring Along a Support Person

Addiction recovery isn’t something you go through alone, and you don’t have to be alone when having the conversation with your family have. We recommend bringing a supportive person along with you, such as a friend, relative, or counselor, to help you navigate the moments that may be emotionally draining or intense.

Choose a Safe Environment

If you know that a certain relative will be particularly hostile, it may be best not to include that person in the discussion.

Do Not Place Blame

Many people who are living with a substance use disorder started using drugs in response to how they were treated at home. It may be your case, as well, why you began experimenting with drugs. However, pointing the finger at your family can be counterproductive. Addiction recovery calls for you to take accountability for how you decided to cope with stressors. Furthermore, you’ll want the support and understanding of your family, who will probably acknowledge their role in your recovery journey after you explain how addiction works.

Explain SUDs

Today, there is a lot of awareness surrounding addiction as a disease and disorder. Unfortunately, inappropriate terms like “junkie,” and “addict” are still prevalent. These terms can make it difficult for your family and friends to understand that you have a psychological disorder that requires professional treatment.

Wasatch Crest Is Here to Help

You are not alone. Wasatch Crest Treatment Services in Park City, Utah, has trained professionals ready to help you. Our therapists and staff will not judge you. Instead, we will work with you to gain insight into your substance use and develop a strategy to help you overcome this disorder. Contact us at 800-385-3507 to start your recovery journey.

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