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Jessica Keddington

Interim Admissions Director

Jessica works closely with clients and their families to make the admissions process as seamless as possible. In long term recovery herself, Jessica was drawn to the field because she wanted to help individuals struggling with substance abuse like she was helped.

With over ten years of experience working in the substance abuse treatment space, Jessica is passionate about providing a voice to people suffering from addiction and helping them onto a new path. Jessica is from Southern California. She’s a certified yoga teacher, loves gardening, and is studying to be a nurse.

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Jade Sexton

Director of Billing

Jade has worked exclusively in the substance abuse treatment field, specializing in medical billing for eight years. Jade does everything in her power to make recovery financially possible for clients and their families so that they can focus on what’s really important—overcoming addiction.

When she’s not helping clients bypass barriers to treatment, Jade loves to hike, garden, and explore Utah with her family. She is also active in the recovery community, where she uses her experience, strength, and hope to help other women recover from addiction. She feels fortunate to be surrounded by the awe-inspiring mountains every day at Wasatch Crest, which has enhanced her spiritual life tenfold.

Mirza Miljkovic

Head Chef

Mirza brightens the treatment experience at Wasatch Crest with his worldly cuisine and gregarious nature. Mirza learned to cook over twenty years ago in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he is originally from.

He's spent the last twenty years in Utah, where he spends his free time fishing, hiking, and hunting. Mirza keeps a rotating menu at Wasatch Crest, so clients rarely eat the same dish twice. His signature paella is renowned among Wasatch Crest staff, clients, and alumni. Mirza enjoys being surrounded by the mountain landscape and working with the caring and friendly team at Wasatch Crest.

Brady Warner

Lead Recovery Advocate

As a recovery advocate, Brady works directly with clients, ensuring they have a friendly and safe environment that’s ideal for a successful recovery.

After 25 years of substance abuse, Brady was able to free himself from addiction and has been sober for almost five years.

Hoping to help others find the joy and happiness that he discovered, Brady began working in the substance abuse treatment field. Drawing on his experience, Brady relates well to clients who are just beginning their recovery journeys. He is inspired when he sees the light come back into clients’ lives, a sight he considers beautiful.

Brady continues to implement his recovery principles by striving to be rigorously honest and doing the next morally right thing every day. He loves fishing, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his son, stepdaughter, and girlfriend.

Gena Givens

Recovery Advocate

Gena works with clients on the night shift, helping with client medications, resident rounds, and tidying up. Gena loves being a part of so many people’s journey to sobriety. Even though individuals come to Wasatch Crest to find positive influences and healing, Gena believes that the clients provide their own inspirational impacts on the staff through their courage and strength.

Gena’s kind spirit extends to animals of all kinds, which she enjoys adopting and providing a home to. She is also a mother.

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Gary Lott

Recovery Advocate

Gary helps clients with all things recovery, making sure their needs are met and they feel supported. Once clients have completed their treatment stay, he also helps prepare them for their transition to a life in recovery.

Gary is a proud Wasatch Crest graduate. He is grateful for the opportunity to help clients who are in a dark place, like he once was, and provide them with guidance by drawing on his own recovery experience. He feels a sense of purpose when he is able to hear clients’ stories and share his own recovery story with them. Gary is inspired by seeing clients begin to love themselves, realize that they are worthy of being happy, and begin to change their lives for the better.

Gary loves playing sports, running, and working out. His favorite place to be is outside, hiking a grueling trail. Gary’s not only active, but he’s smart too. One of his biggest claims to fame is taking third place in his seventh-grade spelling bee. Gary loves listening and reading books. He’s a big Twilight fan, and he once owned two sugar gliders that he named Edward and Bella. His favorite sports teams are the Steelers, Astros, and Jazz. He’s also a proud father.

Rosa Barriage


Rosa has worked at Wasatch Crest for over seven years. Overseeing the maintenance of Wasatch Crest’s residences, she creates a warm, welcoming, and clean environment for clients to heal. Rosa has several years of experience working in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings, including maintaining high-end homes in Park City.

Rosa loves laughing with clients and helping them practice their Spanish. She often brings her little dog named Gordo to work, who soaks up all the attention from the Wasatch Crest clients and staff.

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