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Ed Manion

Ed Manion

Admissions Director

As Wasatch Crest's director of admissions, Ed oversees the admissions team, while guiding individuals and their families through the intake process, answering questions, and arranging care. Having completed Wasatch Crest’s residential, outpatient, and transitional living programs as a client, Ed offers an insightful perspective to those seeking substance abuse treatment.

With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and experience as a Wasatch Crest recovery advocate, Ed enjoys helping clients creatively solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Understanding first-hand the adversity that those in early recovery often face, he’s able to offer clients well-founded support and strategies for navigating the beginnings of their sobriety journeys.

Outgoing by nature, Ed welcomes the chance to connect with clients, their families, and the center’s staff members daily. He also appreciates the ability to work with the majestic Wasatch Range and idyllic Heber Valley as his backdrop.

Originally from New York, Ed has made Utah home, attracted to the state's renowned rock climbing, world-class snowboarding, and endless alpine adventure opportunities.

Samantha Romriell

Samantha Romriell

Admissions Coordinator

Having held roles at substance use disorder treatment and detox centers, Samantha enjoys working with people struggling with substance use.

In her position as an admissions coordinator at Wasatch Crest, she appreciates helping individuals get connected with the care they need.

As a person in recovery, Samantha is passionate about being a part of others' paths to healing from addiction and living meaningfully without drugs or alcohol. A go-getter with a laid-back personality, she is dedicated to bettering herself. Samantha is a proud mother of two, loves animals, and enjoys painting.

Sage Chiniquy

Sage Chiniquy

Admissions Coordinator

In her role, Sage is the initial contact for individuals seeking substance use disorder treatment. Providing support and guidance along the way, she helps ease clients’ transition into treatment

As someone in recovery, Sage has personally experienced the fears and challenges that accompany the process of changing one’s life for the better.

She believes that the pain and suffering of addiction can be transformed into something purposeful, such as resilience, gratitude, and self-awareness. Passionate about providing hope to those seeking treatment, Sage tries to set a positive tone for the rest of clients’ healing journeys.

She is actively involved in several recovery and community initiatives including serving as a co-chapter lead of Young People in Recovery (YPR), managing a sober living residence, participating in twelve-step groups, and volunteering her time to help others.

A “certified” adrenaline seeker, Sage is a licensed paragliding pilot, a pastime that has taken her around the world, including to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. She’s also a creative spirit and enjoys writing poetry and dancing. In her downtime, Sage likes watching movies and spending time with her fluffy black cat Lucy.

Trevor Butterfield

Trevor Butterfield

Business Development Representative

An early point of contact for individuals seeking help with substance abuse, Trevor guides clients through the admissions process and prepares them for treatment.

Having been both a client and staff member at substance abuse treatment centers, Trevor draws on his personal experience to provide those in active addiction with hope that changing their lives for the better is entirely possible.

He feels fulfilled in his work when he’s able to witness clients transition from a state of desperation and despair to one of joyful rediscovery of their potential.

Trevor enjoys sports, camping, fishing, hiking, and motorcycles. Some of his favorite places to visit are Oregon and Washington. Trevor is married with two young children and a dog named Tank. Before returning to his home state of Utah, he lived in Idaho for five years. Trevor is a licensed barber and owned a barbershop in Idaho. He’s also been sober for several years.

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Jayme Dick

Business Development Representative

Jayme plays a pivotal role in forging new relationships and strengthening existing connections with community partners. Her mission is to ensure that anyone seeking support receives the help they need.

With a diverse background in the treatment sector spanning over a decade, Jayme has worked at every level of care, including detox, residential, outpatient, and sober living. Her extensive experience spans admissions, direct client care, administration, and business development. Interestingly, Jayme’s career in treatment began in the kitchen as a chef, leveraging her culinary background.

In recovery since June 2013, Jayme was drawn to a role in substance use treatment as a way to stay connected with others who share similar experiences. Her commitment to the field is driven by her desire to combat the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders and to contribute to humanizing these critical issues.

Outside of her professional life, Jayme enjoys an active lifestyle that includes running, hiking, and honing her culinary talents. She and her husband share a love for both fly fishing and saltwater fishing. They are also proud pet parents to three dogs: Lola, a 10-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer and Border Collie mix; Emma, a 9-year-old Border Collie, Aussie, and Red Heeler mix; and Harper, a 3-year-old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.


Troy Popp

Alumni Coordinator

With a Ph.D. in hard knocks and a dedication to celebrating recovery, Troy brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to his role as Alumni Coordinator at Wasatch Crest. His journey to sobriety, beginning in 1994, has imbued him with an understanding of the challenges and joys of the recovery process.

In his capacity, Troy orchestrates a vibrant program aimed at engaging and supporting alumni, with the overall goal of fostering a deep sense of community with Wasatch Crest graduates. Through coordinating weekly meetings, monthly events, and service projects, he creates opportunities for alumni to remain connected and find fulfillment in giving back to their community—a value close to his heart.

Prior to his role at Wasatch Crest, Troy served as the recreation and service coordinator in the mental health treatment field with a primary focus on treating professionals for post-traumatic stress disorder, where he honed his skills in facilitating meaningful activities and fostering a spirit of service among individuals in recovery.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Troy is a devoted single father to four children, cherishing every moment with them and finding inspiration in their growth and wellbeing. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to own and operate several businesses over the past two decades.

A lover of beautiful environments, Troy finds solace and inspiration in places like Montana, Bear Lake, Coeur d'Alene, and San Diego. His journey from living on the streets to where he stands today is a testament to the transformative power of recovery and the resilience of the human spirit.

Kayla McGinley

Marketing Coordinator

As the marketing coordinator at Wasatch Crest, Kayla draws on her background in content marketing, copywriting, and media relations to help tell Wasatch Crest’s brand story through a variety of digital and traditional mediums.

She’s inspired by the courageous recovery journeys of Wasatch Crest’s clients, alumni, and team members, and she’s passionate about furthering the idea that recovery is truly possible. In her free time, Kayla loves to ski, mountain bike, and learn new things.

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