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Jim Huffman

Our Founder

More than 15 years ago, I had the opportunity to train and run the intense Wasatch 100 race—a hundred-mile, thirty-hour, ultra marathon through the hills and valleys of Utah’s beautiful Wasatch Mountain range. I have completed that race many times since and have witnessed countless miracles as I stumbled and struggled to finish the grueling challenge.

On those trails of the Wasatch 100, I met fellow ultra runner Rich McDonald. From that connection, a unique friendship and partnership was born. As avid and dedicated marathoners and trail runners, Rich and I discovered later, we had something else in common—recovery from substance abuse. We had each experienced first-hand the ravages of addiction and the restoration of our families through recovery.

Sadly, my wife Kathleen, the mother of our seven children, lost her battle with addiction in 2010, which only cemented my resolve to be of service to families and others who have similarly known the tragedies of this disease.

In 2016, Rich and I were presented with a unique opportunity to work together and spread the message of treatment and the blessings of recovery. As we considered possible names for our venture, the choice became clear. “Wasatch Crest” was selected for many reasons, but most notably because of the bond that was forged between two friends running on the well-known Wasatch Crest trail in Utah. The name itself embodies the heights reached from accomplishing something seemingly unreachable. Additionally, it reminds us that in recovery, or any challenge, we don’t have to do it alone.

Rich and I are still running the Wasatch 100 race together. We have become brothers through our partnership and side-by-side association. We are joint participants and witnesses to many miracles as our clients, friends and fellow “runners” transform their lives at Wasatch Crest.

Rich McDonald, MS, CMHC

Executive Director

At the forefront of Wasatch Crest since its founding, Rich has created a culture of quality and compassionate care that empowers clients to rewrite their stories and develop meaningful lives. Rich brings over 25 years of leadership experience and ten years working in the recovery community.

Leading with respect, accountability, and acceptance, Rich embodies Wasatch Crest’s human-centric treatment approach. He’s passionate about incorporating nature into recovery and is dedicated to helping clients build lives worth staying sober for.

Rich is an avid trail runner, and has successfully competed in many marathons, ultra marathons, and 100-mile trail races.

wasatch crest executive director strategic partnerships sean morrisn

Sean Morris, LMFT, SAP, CEAP

Executive Director | Strategic Partnerships

In his position at Wasatch Crest, Sean dedicates his efforts to nurturing collaborative partnerships with insurance providers, labor unions, and other business and community associations.

Driven by the desire to create synergistic professional relationships and help others positively change their lives, Sean focuses on empowering organizations to support their personnel in overcoming obstacles so individuals can be creative, dynamic, and effective in their professional roles and personal lives.

In addition to being a licensed clinician for over twenty years, Sean holds credentials as a substance abuse professional (SAP) and certified employee assistance professional (CEAP). He earned his master’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

An active participant in the community, Sean serves as a board and committee member on several state associations, including the Utah Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) program, the Utah State Bar Lawyers Helping Lawyers (LHL) board, and the Well-Being Committee for the Legal Profession (WCLP).

Sean is a married father of four children. Outside of his professional endeavors, Sean enjoys running, road cycling, mountain biking, playing racquetball, skiing, and being outdoors. He currently coaches for one of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) mountain bike teams. In the past, he’s worked as a firefighter, emergency medical technician (EMT), and ski patroller.

Shannon Feeney

Director of Human Resources and Finance

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