What is experiential therapy?
At Wasatch Crest Recovery, we focus on experiential therapy that involves movements, actions, and activities rather than solely using sedentary “talk therapy.” Through experiential therapy, a resident can achieve change, emotional growth, and personal empowerment. By overcoming physical challenges and obstacles as part of experiential therapy, patients can experience success and take greater responsibility for their actions. As part of experiential therapy, our team can also have more personal, unguarded conversations with residents and help them overcome harmful behaviors and addictions.

What type of experiential therapy is offered at mountain crest recovery?
With our stunning location in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, we are able to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings. Our rehab facility is located in a serene, peaceful area with plenty of access to untouched nature. Whether it is simply sitting outdoors or taking a hike through nature, experiential therapy can be a great way for residents to connect with nature and experience mind, body, and spiritual healing. Our experiential therapy includes:

• Yoga
• Zip-lining
• River rafting and other water activities
• Gardening
• Fly fishing
• Nature walks
• Hiking
• Snowboarding
• Physical fitness and exercise (with a gym and workout facilities available)

To discover the benefits of experiential therapy in recovery for drug and alcohol addictions, we encourage you to contact us today.