Journaling for Mental Health

istock 515152540 If you are dealing with depression, stress, or other mental health issues, the good news is there are many different ways to try to cope with them – you just have to find the way that works for you. Mindfulness therapy, talking with a friend, going for a walk – these are just a few techniques you can try. Journaling, while sounding deceptively simple, may also help. So, if you want to try journaling, how should you start?

What should you write about?

It can be daunting to have that blank white page staring at you. But the great thing about a journal is that no one else will ever see it, so you can write about whatever you’d like – thoughts, anxieties, things that are stressing you out. It doesn’t all have to be all about your frustrations, though. Don’t spend your time writing only about how horrible things are or beating yourself up for things that have happened. Make sure you include things you are grateful for and the great things that happened to you that day (even if it takes some thought to find something great that happened to you that day!). Write about your goals and your dreams. Use journaling as an opportunity to grow and to find ways to appreciate the little things in your life.

When should you journal?

The great thing about keeping a journal is that it is yours and yours alone. Journal when you want, where you want. Use an old spiral notebook or a special leatherbound book you got for Christmas. Use your Mickey Mouse pen or a fancy pen; write bad poetry or draw pictures. You don’t even have to write in your journal every day for it to be helpful (and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for missing a day here and there, either!) Make it your own – but give it a chance and don’t give up!

Research says that keeping a journal can help with anxiety and depression, and journaling can even help to boost your immune system by helping you to cope with stress or trauma. For more information on ways to deal with depression and other issues, call Wasatch Crest Treatment in Heber, Utah, at (800) 385-3507.

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