Spring Is the Time for New Things to Bloom!

istock 534192686 Most people think of new years as a time for new beginnings, new plans, and healthy changes. But what about springtime? With the weather improving and nature blooming, it is a time when it may be a bit easier to be optimistic about life and what the future holds. The spring is a time for renewal and rebirth, and it is also a great time to gain a new perspective on life.

What can spring teach us?

  1. Things are always changing, but that can be a good thing.

Remember a couple of months ago when it was cold, windy, and constantly snowing, and it seemed like it was dark all the time? But now the snow is melting, the temperatures are warming up (although maybe not as fast as we would like them to!), and every day the sun stays out for a bit longer. It may have seemed like it was going to be winter forever, but spring is almost here!

  1. You never know what might crop up, but you might enjoy what does.

True, that little bit of green peeking up through the soil may be a weed – but it could also be a beautiful flower, growing and thriving where you least expect it. Things that are unexpected happen all the time in life, but just because they are a surprise doesn’t mean they will be bad.

  1. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

The birds, the animals, and the blooming flowers aren’t worried about the inevitable winter that will be back soon enough, and they aren’t worried about problems that might come up tomorrow. They are too busy living life day to day – living in the “now” and enjoying what the day has to offer.

Spring is a time for hope and exciting, beautiful changes. Wasatch Crest Treatment Center is a great place to let things bloom – both literally and figuratively. Nestled in the mountains of Heber, Utah, Wasatch Crest has a peaceful mountain setting that awakens in the spring, along with an expert staff to help with your addiction recovery. Start your spring off right by calling today, at (800) 385-3507.

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