FAQs for Adventure Therapy

What is the difference between adventure therapy and wilderness therapy?

Adventure therapy involves challenging obstacles and tasks that are proven to boost self-esteem, confidence, and growth. These obstacles are supposed to symbolize you overcoming an obstacle in your life and help you see growth in yourself mentally and emotionally.

Wilderness therapy has similar goals in mind with its patients. However, wilderness therapy uses only the weather and natural landscapes to achieve the same goals. Overcoming obstacles that are presented by mother nature can have a profound effect on one’s life.

Why does adventure therapy work?

There are many reasons why adventure therapy works. For one, adventure therapy provides people with newfound challenges that they don’t come across in their normal daily routines. These real-life experiences tend to be more effective for some people than things they would come across in treatment facilities. Some adventure therapies require group activities as well which can help people with their interpersonal skills.

What are the principles of adventure therapy?

There are many principles of adventure therapy, and the importance of them can vary from person to person. These principles are:

  • Growth: Adventure therapy helps people to grow mentally and emotionally. Because of this, an individual can heal and blossom into the person they are wanting to become. This also translates into everyday life seamlessly, as it is always important to keep a growth mindset.
  • Identity development: It’s important to get a solid foundation of who you are. Understanding and loving yourself is the first step in becoming the person that you are wanting to become. Adventure therapy offers a great way to discover who you are on a deeper level.
  • Self-efficacy: Adventure therapy helps people learn to believe in themselves. Many people want something for themselves but don’t truly believe they can or will ever achieve that feat. 
  • Grit: Adventure therapy tests your will by putting you through strenuous challenges that ask you to dig deep within to accomplish them. This is a valuable asset to have as you are challenged throughout your life. Anything good in life is worth fighting for, and adventure therapy teaches you how to dig deep.

How does adventure therapy improve mental health?

Adventure therapy is a great way for people to improve their mental health because it challenges them to step outside of their comfort zone. Through challenges and other activities, people can learn to understand themselves at a deeper, more fundamental level. These fundamental learnings can serve as building blocks to grow and flourish into the person that you want to be. Adventure therapy can also help with your perseverance and belief in yourself. Many people struggle to believe that they are capable of achieving their goals. With this therapy, you are challenged to overcome things that you initially did not think you could complete. This is meant to show you that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to. Through growth, grit, and self-belief, the world stands no match for what you can achieve.

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