What to Expect During Residential Addiction Treatment

Are you or someone you know struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and considering residential addiction treatment? It’s not uncommon, especially during challenging times when everyday life stress can feel overwhelming. 

When someone has decided to seek help and enroll in addiction treatment, it can be helpful to have an idea of how it will go.

What to Expect During Residential Addiction Treatment

Considering residential addiction treatment might be a scary proposal to some people, especially with the lingering social stigma surrounding therapy. But if a client is thinking about enrolling in a residential treatment program, especially drug and alcohol rehab, there are certain processes or steps they can expect, including:

  • Assessments: When clients first arrive, they can expect to undergo a thorough assessment to understand the severity of their symptoms and determine the most suitable level of care. This assessment helps therapists create a personalized treatment plan, combining behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment if needed.
  • Group and individual therapy: In therapy sessions, the client will work closely with a trained behavioral therapist. They will help explore the root causes of the client’s addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms without triggering cravings or negative behaviors. 
  • Medical support: Medical professionals will provide medication to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which are very common with addiction. They will closely monitor the progress of the client and adjust medication as needed to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the treatment process.

Residential addiction treatment gives clients a safe and effective path to recovery for individuals in Utah. At Wasatch Crest, we provide a supportive environment where our clients can step away from personal and professional obligations to focus solely on their well-being. 

In this comfortable and discreet setting, the client will have the opportunity to relax, recharge, and begin on their journey to recovery.

Get Help for Addiction Treatment in Heber, UT

At Wasatch Crest, our alcohol and drug rehab experts have helped many people in Heber, Park City, and nearby areas of Utah. We’re here to give you the support and tools to lead a happier, healthier life. To learn more about addiction treatment, talk to a counselor at Wasatch Crest. Call 800-385-3507 to book an appointment.

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