Rehab Centers: 9 Myths About Treatment

Uncovering the Truth: 9 Myths About Rehab Centers

You are considering getting help for substance abuse or addiction and you’re thinking about going to rehab. Great! But don’t let myths about rehab distract you from getting the help you need. Let’s dispel some of the rumors here.

Myth #1: Rehab is only for celebrities.

Because their lives are largely in the public eye, this aspect of celebrities’ lives makes great headlines. Truthfully, though, more normal people go to rehab than celebs, but not everyone is followed by paparazzi.

Myth #2: Rehab makes you quit cold turkey.

Many treatment programs incorporate the use of certain medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, establishing a whole-person approach.

Myth #3: Rehab is too expensive.

Actually, most treatment facilities accept health insurance. Depending on your policy, you might only be responsible for your deductible and coinsurance. Contact your insurance provider to see how insurance can help curb the cost of your care.

Myth #4: You can get clean on your own.

Most people who’ve struggled with substance abuse or addiction have tried to stop on their own. Few are able to get clean and maintain long-term sobriety without professional help.

Myth #5: Rehab is a mountaintop experience.

Sure, you’ve got to learn how to stay sober in the real world, but first you need to get well. Tend to your physical, emotional, and psychological needs in a safe, structured, supportive environment while you gather the tools and insights you really need.

Myth #6: If you’re using medication, you’re not really sober.

When indicated, certain medications can provide a supportive bridge during early recovery, curbing triggers and cravings and stabilizing mood. Some medications appropriately treat co-occurring conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and trauma.

Myth #7: Detox is enough.

After detox comes the compulsion to use again. Rehab provides the tools and insights you’ll need to be well and live your life without self-medicating.

Myth #8: I’ll lose my job if I go to rehab.

Depending on your current situation, you might lose your job (or your family or health or friends) if you DON’T go to rehab. Check with your assistance program or human resources manager to see what programs are available to you to assure your job will be there when you’re feeling better.

Myth #9: If you relapse after rehab, it didn’t work.

Relapse after rehab is not failure, and returning to rehab is not redundant. If the goal of recovery is to be well, getting the structure and support you need, whatever that looks like for you, should be your priority – no matter what it takes.

If you or a loved one are in need of addiction treatment in Utah, our rehab can help. Please give us a call.


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