Navigating the Holidays without Relapsing

Alcohol Rehab Utah, TX The holidays can be challenging for the newly sober addict. Everywhere you turn, there are parties and family gatherings at which alcohol is served, and there may be people in your life who either don’t know you are in recovery and offer you a drink and others who don’t value you the way they should and pressure you to drink. To survive the holidays, you need a plan of action.

Say No

It’s OK to say no to the offered drink. You may be surprised at the amount of support you receive when you take the brave step of telling people that you are in recovery and will not be drinking. There are always alternative options, like soda or juice or water. It’s also just fine to say no to attending the event or party if you feel the temptation will be to great or it will cause you unnecessary stress. Your addiction recovery is more important than anyone’s hurt feelings about you not attending their event.

Ask for Help

Tell a trusted friend or family member that you are working hard to remain sober and that you would like their help fending off temptations. Supportive friends and family can run interference for you; they are also often willing to do something with you that doesn’t involve parties and alcohol, like going to a movie or playing games. Creating new, healthy habits is part of your recovery.

Practice Mindfulness

From meditating and yoga to taking up hiking, those who achieve successful recovery find ways to be mindful of the temptations around them and choose new, healthier lifestyles that keep them out of harm’s way. The holidays may make it more difficult for you, but by saying no, asking for help, and being mindful of the temptations that can impact your recovery, you can find healthy ways to celebrate.

It is possible to enjoy the holidays and stay sober. If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug abuse this holiday season, call Wasatch Crest. Our compassionate, professional staff are here to help.

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