4 Ways Nature Helps with Addiction Recovery

Addiction Treatment Feeling the sunshine fall across your shoulders can be a wonderful feeling, but if you have just fought your way back from the brink of addiction, possibly spending time in jail or the hospital or homeless on the streets, there can be sweet bliss in reconnecting with nature as a part of your recovery process. As spring blooms, find ways to enjoy nature and make it a part of your recovery process and reclaimed life.

Nature Reminds Us of Renewal

After a long, cold winter, flowers bloom. Birds sing. Baby animals are born. Renewal happens all around us in nature, and it can be a reminder that you, too, can experience renewal as you move through your recovery journey and reclaim your life.

Nature Is Healing

In physiological ways as well as in spiritual ways, nature is healing. Sunshine helps your body absorb and process Vitamin D, which combats depression. Being in touch with nature – through gardening, hiking, or simply enjoying time every day in the park – can nurture your soul in ways your electronic devices simply cannot do. It is one of the reasons we offer adventure-based experiential therapy as part of our addiction recovery solution.

Physical Recovery

An addict’s body has been through a lot of trauma. Recovering from that trauma requires healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. Physical healing comes from caring for yourself – eating right, exercising more. Getting out into nature makes exercising more fun and can help you discover strengths you may never have realized you had.

The Science of Nature and Healing

Scientific research has discovered that spending time – as little as 40 minutes – in nature helps reduce blood pressure, promotes healing, helps the body develop cancer-fighting cells, and reduce stress and anxiety.  Spending time in nature is simply good for you, body and soul.

We are dedicated to helping you overcome drug and alcohol addictions and reach full, lasting recovery. If you are struggling with addiction, or if you have a friend, family member, or other loved one with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call us. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Heber City, Utah, and to speak with a member of our experienced, caring team. We are eager to help you regain control of your life!

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