What is drug rehab?
Drug rehab includes a number of treatments and approaches used to treat drug addictions. At Wasatch Crest, we offer drug rehab for use and abuse of various types of drugs. This includes rehabilitation for prescription pills, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines, LSD, PCP, GHB, ecstasy, ketamine, rohypnol, and more. Rehab treatment depends on the type of drug, the level of addiction and abuse, and the individual’s response to treatment.
Do I need drug rehab?
If you have noticed problems in your life or your loved one’s life because of drug abuse, it may be time to seek professional help and drug rehab. Signs that it is time for drug rehab may include:

• Using drugs for reasons other than medical purposes
• Being arrested for drug-related reasons
• Arguments and fights related to drug use
• Medical complications due to drug use
• Interference with school or work because of drug use
• A change in friends, activities, and interests as a result of drug use

We encourage you to seek a professional assessment to determine whether it is time for drug rehab. Our team at Wasatch Crest is always happy to speak with you and help you find the solution you need to live free from the effects of drug use and addiction. If you would like to learn more about drug rehab and how we can help you and your loved ones, we welcome you to contact us today.