All the staff has been very kind, understanding, and nonjudgmental towards me. Wasatch Crest has made me feel like I am a part of something. Review From Former Client June 2022

I am so appreciative to Wasatch Crest for their part in helping me through my recovery and helping me learn how to live a better life. Review From Former Client June 2022

Wasatch Crest changed my life. They gave me a chance at a normal happy life without drugs. The staff has supported me in a way nobody ever has and I'm eternally grateful. Review From Former Client June 2022

Loved this place, saved my life. They do awesome things and are really passionate. Review From Former Client January 2023

This place saved my life! I talked with admissions and within a few days, I was able to check in for residential treatment. And it’s been an amazing experience. The staff is great, the food is awesome, they take you on amazing outings, and it’s a great place to learn how to live a life free from addiction. I’ve been to a few rehabs and this is by far the best one I’ve been to! They teach a lot of different kinds of skills to deal with addiction and trauma. The staff really cares about helping people with addiction. Review From Former Client January 2023

The best treatment center! I felt at home here and was able to address my issues. The staff is phenomenal! Everyone cares about you and your well-being! So many fun activities, adventure based! The food was professionally cooked by a chef… comfortable bedrooms! What more can you get, this place is 5 star! I WISH I COULD COME BACK! The best place to choose if you’re looking to get distance and a new environment while working on your recovery!
Review From Former Client
January 2023

I was super nervous going to treatment for the first time. Everyone including clients informed me that I would settle in nicely. It wasn't two maybe three days before I started feeling like I had a second home full of people wanting me to win the battle of recovery. All of the staff were phenomenal, good food and activities. Review From Former Client January 2023

Wasatch Crest was my first time in rehab and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It was an incredible experience in every way. Beautiful property and beautiful people. Thank you for all that you do! Review From Former Client January 2023

The atmosphere was truly amazing and loving. I got everything I needed out of rehab. I can never thank them enough for loving me and my unborn child until I could love myself again. My kids got their mother back and I got myself back. Thank you!
Review From Former Client
January 2023

...I love this program, and these people are more than just employees. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to get know some great people who give so much to me as well as this program. Review From Former Client March 2023

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