“My son spent several months there last year, and as a result, made a huge life turnaround. He had been in voluntary treatment programs before, but Wasatch Crest provided the structure and consistency that was missing. When they first called to tell me he had arrived and was safe, they said, “We’ll love him until he can love himself again.” He spent some time in the big house, and then stayed in the Uinta Sober Living House for several months. The staff was dedicated and loving (thanks for your care, Kat and John), and upheld standards of accountability and goal setting in both places. Tyson was a great help to my son, and he always made time for my questions as well, since I was out of state. My son went from surviving on the streets in another state to being a sober, working, contributing member of the house and the community. In his words, ‘2019 was the best year of my life.’ I would highly recommend Wasatch Crest; I am thankful for their generosity and their care, and for the effect it had on our family.”

Review from Loved One,
July 2020

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