“There are no shortcuts in recovery.” — Maggie’s Recovery Story

By Wasatch Crest Program Graduate Maggie Talucci

Wasatch Crest graduate, Maggie Talucci, shared her recovery story with us. You can watch her tell her story and read her inspiring narrative below.

My name is Maggie and I am a Wasatch Crest alum! If I really look back at my addiction, it began with food at a very young age. Sugar, in particular, was something I remember thinking about often. However, the addiction quickly progressed to pot and alcohol in middle school and by the time I graduated high school, I had become a nonfunctioning substance user, relying on alcohol, stimulants, and benzos. 

My father’s unexpected death when I was 22 sent me into a horrible spiral. For comfort, I turned to what I thought I did best—getting high. My drugs of choice remained the same (alcohol, stimulants, and benzos). I began getting hospitalized for high blood pressure. (I mean when you take that much speed, it’s no wonder you are hypertensive). But the frequent hospitalization didn’t stop me from using. 

When I connected with my now ex-husband and became pregnant with our oldest child, I did, however, sober up. I thought becoming a wife and mom would save me from addiction… Nope. The ex and I were partying together again in no time, and I really struggled with my mental health, depression and anxiety in particular. I sobered up again when I became pregnant with my second child but ultimately went right back to my old ways after she was born. 

My ex-husband and thought a geographical cure would help solve our problems and relocated the family to Charleston, SC, from Baltimore, MD. Unfortunately, the move seemed to have the opposite effect. My hospital stays became more frequent—nobody knew me in the South, and I went wild. 

My last use was a combination of opiates, benzos, and alcohol. Yes, it was a suicide attempt, although I don’t remember any of that. I overdosed while driving, and miraculously there was a police car and an ambulance behind me on the road. I spent a period of time on life support followed by a few weeks in the hospital, and it was at that time I knew I needed help.

When I arrived at “the Crest,” I had lost my kids, marriage, and house. My vehicle was totaled and nobody wanted anything to do with me. I walked around for weeks in tears, so broken physically and spiritually. Despite my state of despair, I still suited up and showed up for what was expected of me during my 90 days of treatment at Wasatch. While I was far from perfect in rehab, I kept my eyes on what mattered most—my recovery. Wasatch Crest’s recreational therapy program was the most impactful part of my treatment. Upon beginning treatment, I’d already had a head full of AA but never understood how to live life sober. Recreational therapy helped me learn how to have fun in recovery, and that has forever changed my life.

I’ve been sober since May 7, 2017. Today, I have my children back, a home, and a vehicle. I have a great co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband, multiple jobs, a growing nonprofit, and so much support that I think I’m dreaming sometimes! There are no shortcuts in recovery, no fast tracks to take, and that was a crucial lesson I had to learn. 

I keep my recovery flourishing by staying in touch with my mentor/sponsor, spiritual advisor, counselor, and accountability partners, as well as by surrounding myself with others who are walking similar paths in life. In order to grow, I challenge myself to get uncomfortable almost daily. My passion in life is extending the hand of recovery to others. I do this through my own non-profit, Iron Wolf Recovery, and by working with FAVOR Lowcountry. I believe in and support multiple pathways to sobriety and aim to help individuals find their own rhythm of recovery and build their recovery capital. 

Wasatch Crest was my first stop on this journey. They are good people who offer a dynamite program. I will be forever grateful for the experience and can’t wait to visit one day soon!

About the Author

Maggie Talucci runs Iron Wolf Recovery CHS which is a sober active community, based in Charleston, SC. She, along with her partner, Courtney, a neurobiologist at MUSC, are on a mission to provide alternative pathways to recovery in Charleston. Maggie is also involved with an advocacy group, Faces and Voices of Recovery Lowcountry. This group aims to smash the stigma of addiction, while educating and empowering individuals to find their own rhythm of addiction recovery. Maggie is a nationally accredited Peer Support Specialist & Recovery Coach, Crossfit L1 coach, USAW L1 coach, and Reiki energy healer. Combined, these certifications allow her to help people find their personal path to recovery!

Maggie is a single mom of two children who are seven and eleven. They live in Charleston, SC, and are usually busy with sports, friends or sneaking away to the Blue Ridge Mountains! In true Wasatch Crest spirit, Maggie enjoys sharing her own story of recovery to help inspire others to overcome addiction and enjoy the bliss of long-term recovery.

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